Saturday, 21 September 2013

Cowboys and Roses

Today some lovely things came into my home. 

Thanks to my stitching buddy Gail T. I received an Ella & Skysie  pattern.  They all went to Quilters Angel at Highfields for a "Stitchers Dream Day out.".... without me..... I was at the wedding.  Oh well....  Thanks Gail.

Gail also brought me this beautiful bunch or roses from her garden.  She is a very special friend.    Yes Chooky.... these are the real deal. The scent of the big red one is glorious, if you had "smellablog" that is.....LOL.....

Also my mum in law Ailsa arrived from Gordonvale ( just South of Cairns.)

            " Welcome Ailsa" 

 And Bernie bought home this awesome little pack from the Cowboys Club in Townsville.  

Guess who it is for?  It's a shame the Cowboys  didn't make it to the final. 

 Evie is officially a Cowboys member, the youngest member of the club.... her grandfather will spoil her rotten I think !

So  cute

Even a dummy

Guess who is coming to visit on Wednesday?????

Have a lovely day !


Anonymous said...

have fun and what a lovely friend you have.xx

Susan said...

How sweet that they brought you back a souvenir. Evie's little outfit is so cute.

Grethe said...

Love the outfit! I have guessed who is coming for dinner, or something else!! :)) Have a lovely, cuddly time on Wednesday.

Chookyblue...... said...

the roses are beautiful........poor baby girl.....brain washed by grandad

Anonymous said...

Loving the Owl Quilt, very cute