Thursday, 23 November 2017

San Antonio and The Alamo

The Alamo was the last military outpost for the American's. They had taken some of mexico as Texas  and this is where it was protected. The Mexicans wanted it back . They marched on the Alamo which was protected with only 200 men, but determined men. The last words of the Americans including David Crocket  and James Bowie were " Come and Take it" . The Alamo was taken and all the men except one slave were killed. They said they left him to tell the story. All the women and children were released. 

Later in Houston the Americans attacked the Mexicans again and re took the Alamo which has now grown to become San- Antonio. The now famous words were the battle cry for the Americans "Remember the Alamo " The Mexican general and the soldiers were killed and the Lone Star state, Texas, is now a state of the United States.

The Chappel 

The Barracks

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