Saturday, 14 April 2018

Arriving at our" Scrub Stitchin" retreat April 5 2018

We arrived about  12.00   The room was ready !  I made these couple of little bags for swaps and for a room buddy gift. 
Finally got into a Di Ford quilt I did a workshop on 18 months ago . All set up ready to go!
My little car found its twin at the retreat . They parked together all weekend .Mine is on the left. 

We all made two 10.5 blocks one in white and bright and the other in creams and traditional.  There was a draw if you won you got to choose the colour lot you wanted and the other was to be made up and donated to a charity. In the end They both are goig to be donated to charity .
See the two pioneer men in the photo, can you believe they were related to one of the ladies on the retreat. They were Georgina's great uncles.

Deb and I having a few laughs

This is what I was working on .. "Cloverdale House" by Di Ford 

Thanks to Chooky and Sonia for organising it all. 


Susan said...

Jenny - it was so much fun sitting near you at Baradine - I am enjoying your trip through the outback too.

Chookyblue...... said...

great pics made some good progress on your quilt........