Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Leanne's House Finished

After a few years in the cupboard as a quilt top I have finally finished this lovely quilt. It is Leanne's house by Leanne Beasley. This is my OPAM for July a complete finish . Hope this is allowed Peg.

I am trying to teach myself how to machine quilt. I am quite pleased with it although it is not perfect.

This is going to be finished now!
 The journey starts 

 Whoops a thread in the photo 


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny wow love your quilt your FMQ is fantastic,i am doing a 2 day class next month on FMQ and i am so looking forward to it,especially after seeing your lovely work.
Beautiful work my friend well done xx

Denice Barker said...

This would be wonderful for Ev! A big girl quilt she can grow with!

Susan said...

That's lovely Jenny - and well done on your FMQ.
It's on my "one day" list - I've done A quilters Journey and really enjoyed it.

Janice said...

You must be thrilled to have it finally finished. It is gorgeous. Go you with your quilting.