Sunday, 5 April 2020

Birthday in COVID lock down

Yesterday I spent the most unusual birthday with my family . We had a virtual lunch. Hubby made me the best roast pork lunch and the kids sat to their table at the same time and we shared conversation and cake. Colty though it was funny when the candles weren't going out when he blew them ha! ha ! He is the only one finding all this very confusing as the rest of us understand. But considering how things are at the moment I had a lovely day and appreciated the effort put in by friends and family to communicate best wishes to me.
My friend Kerry made this beautiful covered tape measure for me, its is so sweet with grub roses and seed pearls. I received things to sew, scented candles and little bags as well as a face massage gadget. I was very spoiled.

My lovely hubby organised all this for me knowing how much I was missing the kids. 

Check out this crackle  I did' have to share ..........
 I feel truly blessed.


Cheryll said...

It looks like a very "special" type of birthday party. A day to be remembered.
Take care & Happy Birthday...xox

Denice Barker said...

Jenny! Read your email!!

Janice said...

Happy Birthday! It will be one you will always remember. Everyone did go to great lengths for you. I love your little tape measure. So sweet.