Friday, 11 June 2021

Our Sewing Retreat

 Last weekend we went to Stacey's at The Gap where our sewing group gets away every year. It's a great place we are well looked after by Leonie and Mal . It's on the top of a range we call "Cunningham's Gap" near Warwick. The fire was raging in the big hall  and  the cottage can be a bit chilly but we are only there to sleep.  It's a great place I love it.

I worked on my " some kind of wonderful quilt but not many pictures to show as I have to unpick a section. I whipped up a couple  of  Jelly Roll Races. Not sure I was good at it as I couldn't deal with the dinosaurs being upside down. I'll share those soon.

This was Di's, I really liked it. The simplicity and colours got to me. 

This was Penny's, she is a proud indigenous woman and sews a lot with those colours and prints
This was one of my blocks finished. 
My first jelly roll race.
I really liked this spotlight pattern for a toiletries bag by Narlean .
Now for some nature. This was in the garden , a bromiliad , I think. The flowers unopened looked like claws that open into sweet flowers.

A big carpet python decided to keep us company much to my friend Sheena's disgust or fear. He was harmless though. Very unusual for him to be out and about on such a cold day in winter. he was about 7 foot long.

This is the main hall where we sew and eat..


Susan said...

Sounds like fun - love the projects...I've often wondered how it is at Stacveys Gap - perhaps a bit chilly in the rooms as you say...I'll go & visit there one day - though for now I have enough retreats to deal with...LOL
good to see progress on your Anni quilt
(but should the words be "a tree to sit\under...etc???)

kiwikid said...

Great to get away on a retreat, there are wonderful projects happening there. I am not sure I would be comfortable with that snake about either! Maybe it was looking for a warm place to be, like in with you ladies!!

Janice said...

What a fun weekend and great projects. I love the way you treated the petals on your tree block. I machine blanket stitched them and they were known as "The Pesky Petals". So many stops and starts to deal with. I think I would have struggled with that python as well. Snakes aren't my favourites. Is that frost on the ground? There has been snow all around here, but not at our house, as we are too low.

Cheryll said...

It's always NiCe to get away with friends and fellow sewers...
Looks like a great spot too...except for the snake...xox

Chookyblue...... said...

Not the friend that you really want around but we had several snake sitings on the long weekend. ..... It was cold .... Sounds like another great time away with the girls..... Cold weather perfect for sewing.....