Thursday, 12 January 2012

What a lovely Wedding

Now I have a daughter and a very proud son. The wedding was on Saturday . It was a lovely day. Fine and hot but not a cloud in the sky. My day  was emotional but extremely happy. I think I held off until they started their walk out and then there were tears, of joy of course. 
The bride looked beautiful and our son  so handsome. There is a feeling of pride and achievement in us knowing our only child has found a beautiful partner,  established a home, married and is truly happy. It was one of those weddings that just felt right, both families mixed and partied on into the night. We really had 3 days of celebrations dinner the night before with any out of town guests. the wedding and breakfast , then lunch at the brides parents.  Then a big sleep......... Congratulations  to them both!

Sorry there have been no sewing pics lately blogger friends but now this very busy time in my life is over I cannot wait to get to my sewing and some of the new projects I collected while I was away.    

Of course there is always time to check out the patchwork shops  in between the planning when you are visiting other towns.........

 Please excuse the order of the photos I am not that skilled to move them yet ....hmmm.......

Get Ready- Proud Dad and Uncle Rod helping put grandads cuff links on

Looking Happy

Emma's family
Good Friends
The girls
My mum, sister and nieces
Dad and I
With their littlest cousin, Jack..    so cute

Emma's Grandparents and parents

Our Family

Emma's Family

Looking into the future

Cake topper specially made in Tel Aviv - can' t forget the dogs

Josh's Grandparents 

Our family


Cardygirl said...

Beautiful pics of a happy occasion...and you looked beautiful too!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I agree with Cardy...lovely photos...

Googy Girl said...

gorgeous photo's what a lovely couple, hope all their days together are as full of joy as they were on that day

retdairyqueen said...

What a special day
Thanks for sharing

Shiralee Stitches said...

I've been waiting for these photos, look beautiful. Of course the Bride looks beautiful too, complemented by a handsome groom and everyone looks so happy. I am so pleased you've had a perfect wedding to welcome your new daughter-in-law to your family....she's lucky to have such a lovely Mum-in-law too....must get a computer to Mum now so she can check out these lovely photos....

Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos of a beautiful day :)