Wednesday 20 November 2013


As senior year co-ordinator  it was a big week last week the Seniors graduated.  I was so impressed to see them all dressed up like young men and women on formal night which is the last day of their schooling at our school. They looked great.  One of the boys joined us from Honduras early last year. What an amazing year for him. 
He gave me this lovely gift. Thanks Gabby and thanks Macca for the chocolates.  Its so nice to be appreciated. 

These are the lovely birds Gabby gave did he know birds were my thing.

In between my crazy week I am getting "Evelyn's room ready "  bought out Josh's old cot, a new bed etc...  more pics on that later.  I found these two books mine from when I was 7 so I thought I should keep them. 

Now for some real news Mr Bird ( bernie ) is now onto baking . This is his first cake, not sure he likes it as much as making chill jam.....LOL     He  baked it for my mum's birthday. It was pretty good . He has another job in the kitchen now......

Moist and yummy 

Cow Paddocks Patchwork Weekend

This past weekend Julie Latcham from "Cow Paddocks Patchwork" visited our local quilt group and we made a very fun and creative quilt. She was taught us all the different appliqué  techniques. It was nice to meet some new ladies and just may - be, fingers crossed we will have some new members of our quilt group.

Our Quilting groups Xmas Party

Making a Christmas quilt for my granddaughter .. You can't see it but the snowflakes are sewn on with silver metallic thread.

Julie at work

This is Gail's quilt ... very trendy with some of Anni Downs' shoes appliquéd on.

Its growing but not finished yet

This is Jo's beautiful red and white

Everyone used different variations  of the technique when it came to appliqué design. The flower gardens are  julie's original design.

 Ladies came from all around the district as it was an RADF ( regional arts developmental fund)  funded workshop. Don't mind Heather she was resting on the job....LOL.

Cottage on The Hill retreat

I have had two weekends of sewing in a row ........ nice....
On the 9th a group of us from here went to Cottage on the Hill at Nundle for a retreat with Kerry Swain. It was as usual,lots of  fun.... Kerry had just received this beautiful range of fabrics the day we arrived....I just love these colours.

"Sunshine Rose by Tanya Whelan"

Which one to go where ????

Stef has her brand new machine..

If you are reading this Stef we are finishing this quilt before Christmas.  Now is posted for all to see. 
Gail's completed quilt top
My completed quilt top... love the zig zag piece through the quilt

Most of us took a little Sunshine home with us.

Tuesday 5 November 2013

A Bit of This and a Bit of That

Felt a little bit of age today....another group of year 12's about to graduate.

These little beauties always arrive in my garden for Melbourne Cup Day. I love them, so tall and so strong, yet so beautiful. Mariee Hamilton gave me 2 bulbs when I was doll making at her house many years ago.

About 10 years ago I made dolls for something to do. June Marrs taught the lessons.

This one is Molly

         But now there is someone to get the dolls out for ....
                                                                                                         She is growing so fast....

 Now I make quilts and have made lots of friends through our blogging network.   I will miss you all at the blog meet on the weekend but ...I will be sewing at "Cottage on the Hill"

A little bit of secret sewing

HAve a good day ... Thanks for dropping by....


Saturday 2 November 2013

Catching Up

Today I had a day at home Yeh!.......  I decided to;  One- clean up my sewing room; which often gets things dumped there that don't belong and

Two - do some sewing ...Surprise, Surprise....

I did some mending and altering .....boring.

Then I finished the bind on a quilt I made at least 2 years ago.  Just have to hand stitch it tonight...hoping for a good movie....

I also finished the little table runner I started at Chooky's . It actually fits perfectly into a big wooden tray I bought in August on a trip home from the coast.  Love big wooden Trays!!!!

Love this Fabric - don't know if you can see the gold line around the edges of the flowers

Just love this little pin wheel. I have to thank 'Fairy Girl ' for a couple of the pinwheel colours.

Have to have something to carry out the drinks

Not sure which one I like the best or green.

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