Saturday 28 September 2019

Today we arrived in Hobart around about lunch time. Booked into the Salamanca Inn and  went to Salamanca markets. Lots of beautiful timber goods. As we  approached each stall selling timber products you could just smell the scent of the Tassie wood. We bought a bottle of wine, some black garlic , cheese and Tassie salmon . No prizes for guessing what we will be doing this afternoon. I just love the tulips they were selling too hot and dry for those ast home. Bernie took a few minutes to do emails and rest his legs. The little tassie devil welcomed us at the airport..


Sunday 8 September 2019

Gourmet in Gundy Barbecue Cook Off

Today I was the other half in a cooking competition which is a part of the Gourmet in Gundy celebration, a bit of a foodie festival. This year the four schools in our town went head to head in a barbecue competition. Each school had to use a different meat, the choices were pork, chicken, beef and pork.  The principal of our school, Brett, and I  got to cook steak.  We chose sirloin steaks.  The challenge was to cook a barbecue meal for ten people in one hour. Celebrity chef Mat Golinski was the judge.  
We didn't win but I thought we did  pretty well anyway.

In the cooking zone 

5 4 3 2 1  finished 
The judges
Matt Golenski the judge tasting our food.  Grilled vegetable stack , truss tomatoes and porterhouse steak with Blue cheese sauce. 

Lamb by the opposition

The  opposition's meals
Two chefs tasting