Sunday 15 July 2012

Cooking and Sewing

Life is so good when your son cooks for you.  I am sure Mr bird jnr. is getting to be as keen on cooking as his Dad. It makes me so proud.

Pre dinner starters
Very Yummy 

 Scones from the master chef  Good scones take some perfecting, I think he has done it. The unusual shape top was achieved with a little tuppawear scone cutter.

Morning Tea ..... Scrumptious Scones.  We eaten most of them ...

Had lots of rain here Friday and Saturday.... good for sewing!

The afternoon before the rain 

Another view

I thought a rainy day was a good time to get some dinosaurs out of the cupboard. I started this a couple of years ago. I trying some trupunto (not sure how to spell it.) and hand quilting. Only a little hand quilting to go before I can bind it.

I am also trying my hand at some book covers. I love using bright colourful novelty prints for these sorts of projects.

Thanks for dropping by !

Thursday 5 July 2012

State of Origin

" Queenslander" That was the chant that rung through Suncorp Stadium at my very first ever State of Origin rugby league game.   What a fantastic experience. I have always enjoyed a good game of rugby league, it's in my blood I suppose.

 My great great uncle was Herb Steinohrt. He was a great league player in his time I guess a bit like the Johnathon Thurston of today.  He was entered into the Rugby League's top 100 players.  We loved to visit with him as kids. I have always enjoyed the game and never really thought I would get to an origin game. Oh so lucky......... 

In action 

Top 100 players

As I knew him- Uncle Herb..

Brisbane on Origin Day is like a big carnival. They had lots of stalls at the top end of Queen Street. So many people walking around in blue and maroon colours and jerseys but all in good fun which was wonderful.  We sat next to 3 guys who were supporting NSW , they were surrounded by Queenslander's but the interaction was all in good fun and there was a lot of friendly banter and rivalry. It was great to see that in a sporting arena. 

BEST OF ALL WE WON ......  SORRY ALL OF YOU LOVELY NSW SUPPORTERS . It was a close and well fought game. Both sides should be proud I thought, not that I am an expert. 

 Ready for  State of Origin 2012

Mr Bird enjoying a pre game drink

Guess who enjoying a pre dinner drink

Bus decorations

More bus decorations
Artie Beetson in Bronze

Darren Lockyer in Bronze

Wally Lewis in Bronze

Can you believe they paint the grass green?????

"The Voice" winner Carrise Eden ??

The Blues

The Maroons

The Fan fare 

Sunday 1 July 2012

Good Food and Family

It has been a very interesting couple of weeks since I blogged last.    We visited my brother and his wife for a weekend of story telling , reminissing , wining and dining. 

They had recently travelled to Tasmania and bought back this beautiful book for us .  

Then my very clever sister in-law cooked up a storm from the sea.....Not too bad since they live in western Queensland. We were so full and so spoilt.....yummmm........

My brother does a little crabbing when he goes to the coast so we had the rewards of that also. LOVE fresh mud crab! 

While we were there I delivered a little quilt for their daughter and son in law who are about to have their first baby next month. ( I started it at our Warwick retreat)

Such an inspirational book...especially when you can get the oysters...

With watermelon, onion, white wine vinegar and lime juice.....delish

Freshly caught muddies........mmmm.......
Trio of seafood

 Some nice days to enjoy a little drink in the garden......  "Tess" loves to go driving in the golf buggy .... perhaps her name should be "Daisy"   

A cot size quilt for my niece's  baby...  Just love the tractors!