Thursday 24 February 2022

Buffalo quilt and my garden

 Today was one of those days when I did everything and nothing. In my garden I found these gems. Of all the vegetables I've tried to grow these and herbs seem to be most successful, baby egg plants or aubergines. Worst is they are not even my favourite but they just grow on neglect.

I took a walk in the garden and found these regular little black ants , almost like house ants had raised their nest. I've seen lots of other ants raise their nest but not these. I also noticed the meat ant's nest was closed over so that means lots of rain and yes its raining right now. We need it but some are still harvesting sorghum and don't quite want it yet but they will have no choice as mother nature makes up her own mind.
When my husband traveled to Oklahoma several years ago he bought some quilt panels home for me. I have finally finished this quilt at long last. I love it. 
I really Love the detail in this panel, especially in all the grass at the bottom.
This is where he bought it from The Prairie Quilt shop in Hennessy, Oklahoma. He said the line up the day he went was just like in this photo. But he lined up for me . He's the best. He actually went to 3 quilt shops while he was in the USA and I have talked about in in a past blog.  Apparently this place is pretty famous. 

Friday 11 February 2022

New knee

 Thanks for the blog comments ladies I still can’t get my blog to email to me so I can see a chat with Chookyblue coming up. I have completed a few more filler locks and that’s the Lucy Boston progress so far. I’ve had a knee replacement and have been in hospital and rehab just short of 2 weeks. Home tomorrw.