Friday 16 May 2014

The Last Hurrah of Holiday Pics

This is my last of the 2014 holiday pics.  Then I had better get sewing.  

We met some wonderful people on our holiday. One young couple in Scottsdale made a few drinks at the "Rusty Spur Saloon" in historic Scottsdale ( just outside of Phoenix) a pretty good time.  Hi Ashley and Chris if you ever read this blog.  Who knows one day they might travel to Aus.  I love travel ... you meet so many nice people and learn so much.

St Augustine once said "the world is like a book and if you don't travel you will have only read a page"

Thanks to everyone we met on our travels of the west coast of the USA and  at Dreams Los Cabos in Mexico because they were kind, couteous and friendly and made our holiday a memorable one.

Would you like to live here? An owl house boat cool

Obviously this is where they keep the spare street lights?  Installation at LA museum of Modern Art

Don't know what this car had that the others didn't at Santa Monica beach car park...?

Vegas .... by night it is a feast for the eyes. From our room.

No not in Rome ....Shopping at Caesar Palace in Vegas ...inside 

Vegas by night 

Sardines in Monterray ....they once had the sardine cannery there.They looked like glass fish.

I love it when I find a Christmas shop...of course I bought something

The Rusty Spur Saloon ... we later met Chris 

Ashley and Chris at the bar....before we met (right)

Just loved this old Saloon bar a mix of old and new 

And the reason we were prompted to travel....Scott and Iris's wedding
Congratulations to the happy couple ...Scott is the son of a very good friend of ours. Iris is from Mexico.

A beautiful wedding
The end of a fantastic holiday  and the photos ..the way we spent most days at "Dreams" Los Cabos..Cheers friends

Thursday 15 May 2014

Some Gifts

Had a little birthday the day we left for the US so last night at our sewing night I received a belated present from my friend Margie........She knows my favourite colour I think... A beautiful casserole carrier made in Batik fabric. I just love the fabric. Thank you Margie C.

Someone was waiting at home for us ...into mischief   

And here are her presents 

A mexican doll

A present for myself  .....I just fell in love with these shoes... found in this little shop across the SanFrancisco Bay. The shop was tucked in an alcove of daffodils. ... . Mr bird didn't mind at all Chooky.

I bought this quilt kit home ( and a couple of others)

from this beautiful shop in Senoma 


Since I couldn't blog a lot while I was away I am going to share a few more photos from my trip before I get back into sewing I hope your not too bored. One of my aims was to investigate the indian weaving and textile history....
Most of these were taken between Williams on route 66, the Grand Canyon and Scottsdale in Arizona.

Found in Scottsdale

Hopi House - Grand Canyon

Hopi House which housed the beautiful work below 

The following beauties were in a museum in Williams 

Mexico also had many different textile products to show mostly weaving and embroidery using very large satin stitches 

 A book cover from our hotel room - just loved it 

Done in large satin stitch with some chain 

Amazing beautiful , bright colours.

Sunday 11 May 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the mum's out there....Hope you got breakfast cooked for you this morning.
My darling hubbie bought me breakfast in bed today....

I thought I would search my photos for pictures of the mums in my family... One Sis in law is missing because she hates photos but she should be here , mum of two and grandma of two.

Hope you have a great day being pampered, thought of, indulged or just remembering all the good times and  beautiful memories being a mum brings.  

Hugs for those mums who cannot be with their children today...

Daughter in law and grandaughter
So precious

Having fun

With my son and granddaughter

SIL with daughter
My niece with her niece . Soon to be a mum herself ....Yeah...

Sister, Great Aunty and mum of 4... soon to be a grandma...

SIL and daughter

Mother and son

Mother and daughter

Grandmother and granddaughter

Mother (niece) and son

First day as a mum....a wonderful gift

Mum( niece) and daughters

Grandmother( my mum) and grandaughter

Great Grandmother and mum in law

Mother and son 
My baby ...27 years ago

The best thing in my life is being a wife and a mother  - Our son is now grown up and our family has grown. Even though our son has a  beautiful wife and  darling daughter of his own he will always be our very special baby/boy/man. ....

I am thankful everyday that I am am mother.......Love Mum.

Happy Mothers Day.