Sunday 31 July 2016

The Quilts - Cottage on the Hill Nundle 29th July 2016

Made this quilt for Colton's room at our house. Arrows and feathers are currently cool.

Another version of the same pattern made by Georgina
Bronwyn's quilt on point

Enjoying dinner at the Peel Inn Nundle 

The social side of patchwork - girls weekend Nundle

Met up with my friend...... Tamworth here we come ....
Had to get some supplies before heading to Nundle....

Chooky found her very own red wine-  " the Black Chook" she couldn't resist buying it.
The spread 
The girls

Photo Time

The kids had some professional photos taken of their little son.( by Jane Anne Photography)      This is my favourite.

A not so professional but cute photo "Just hanging out at home with my new little brother."

Sunday 24 July 2016

Fun with Evelyn

Bath Spaghetti ... what fun soap. Picked it up at a pharmacy in Tamworth.

Funny story... Boo Poppy arrived after me to see Cotlon.  Ev and I  had earlier made some cup cakes together. When he arrived he asked her if she had something special to show him and the answer was ..
Yes! Cupcakes! 

       Evelyn with her memory quilt.  All the people at her baby shower gave a piece of fabric .  She loves it and uses it a lot . I have finally finished the naming and cataloguing of all the donations of fabric. I made it into a game for her. Each piece is laminated and named. She knows who gave it and can also play a matching game with them. Colton will have a set for his quilt as well.

Lots of Photos of our Family

It's one of those times where you can't take enough photos ....Sorry

Such a proud sister
                             Em looks so good after all that hard work... Love her to bits, best daughter in law ever. 
Evelyn loves a selfie
            Boo Poppy couldn't get enough cuddles
Our grandchildren..... nice sound to that  I think
Three generations of Morris boys- all with Raymond as a middle name. 
                      I wonder if there will be four one day?

Delicious Dinner

If you ever go to Bargara beach near Bundaberg Qld.  go to Kacy's  restaurant right on the beach. Its a lovely little restaurant and I had the nicest seafood I have had for a while. So fresh.  Yum

Finishing Touches

Spending today doing school work and between times finishing the stitching sand bind on Colton's quilt.

Today the weather has returned to winter.  A truly unusual winter with many hot days. The news said yesterday the last time we had this temperature in July was 1945.  No global warming then I suppose??

Friday 15 July 2016

Introducing Colton Raymond Morris

It's so good being a grandma for a second time!!

Thursday 7 July 2016

Quilt Top Finished

First border going on.
All done and off to the quilters. 
Look who is smiling - she has an "Elsa" face now. Absolutely a Frozen fan

Nearly Finished

Nearly finished. I think you can see the jigsaw puzzle theme?