Tuesday 31 March 2015

Nature's Journey

I am working on an Anni Downs' project ..." Natures Journey".  I am doing a stitch along with some other Bloggers. Its a good way to get motivated to do something.

This is where I am up to.....

Sorry to those who are in the Stitch along as you have already seen these photos.

Rows one and two

Row 2 started 

Row one finished

I love this... gives shape ( a template) to your needle turn appliqué and you don't have to remove it 

I love these too ...appliqué tools (suggested by Lynette Anderson) now I am getting some practice using them. 

Allows me to do a really neat circle

Remembering My Dad in law today . It would have been his birthday....I was very lucky to have him in my life ... a good man.....Cheers to you Jack Morris.

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Party Princess

When I am  a party  princess  Daddy does everything for me.

Greeting the guests.

GDITC 2015

Thank you to all of my lovely blog and  GDITC friends for the best weekend. Thanks to my roomies Sandy, Lea, Deb (Diddles) Gail for the cups and the drinks and the laughs.
Thanks Peg for my lovely swap present. Thanks Deb for my handy little bag from the "make it bake it or fake it swap" 

Be prepared for lots of photos.... You are not all named but I am sure we know who you are....

My table Chooky,  Kez,  Jan, Jules, Gail, Janis and Sandy.

I love reading Peg's blog now I have something made by her   he  he he  :)
OMG Dory have you forgotten what you  were  saying.

Truly a good friend .. Gail

Cool skirt Trish

Sue received my swap gift.

Nearly Easter. An excuse to eat chocolate

 Sewing or blogging Girls ?????  worse still face booking. 

The lady who gets us all together...Thank you Chooky 

Jan, Sandy, Gail and Janis ...why are you looking guilty Janis  ????

Lynette's display. I am really beginning to love her work... 

Ready to start sewing ...

With designer Lynette Anderson

Chooky and Lynette

Diddles did you need toast???

Look at those two at the back ,grinning like the cheshire cats who ate the canary.

Kerry battling the wind ....
The stitchery

Thanks Deb for the handy bag ...

I was lucky enough to win a gold star prize.... very nice...

A beautiful piece of wood turning from Dory's brother.  Thank you so much Dory.

No more fighting with pins

My beautiful swap gift from Peg.. Thank you.  Matches my bag.

And until next year ..............can't wait.