Wednesday 30 November 2011

A Lovely Gift from Across the Ditch

I was so excited when my very first Secret Santa Swap arrived from the lovely talented Cat in New Zealand. Thank you Cat.

Even more excited when I opened it and saw the beautiful knitted decorations - an entire set!  Oh Cat thank you so much they are truly lovely. Knitting really isn't my thing so I will treasure them as a part of my Christmas decoration collection!

Monday 28 November 2011

The Sleigh is Packed

It's amazing to think that all those hand made gifts are flying  around the world or travelling overland to reach their destinations where SSCS swappers are  excitedly and anxiously waiting for the mail man to arrive. This is my first swap so I am so excited. 

I hope you are all enjoying the pre Christmas cheer. We went to our first Christmas party on the weekend at Jupiter's on the Gold Coast. It also included a show at Draculas. It was all a lot of fun.  Of course I also just had to do some shopping......... Now I just need a sleep.

I hope any of you who are around Moree and district are not getting your toes too wet with this flood.......

Thursday 24 November 2011

A little Aussie Christmas

Some XXXX for Queensland

 I was looking for a little something Australian  for a Christmas swag so I decided to use some drawings from Margaret  Rolf and Deborah Brearley ( I have had these books for Years) and make my own. A little xxxx , for Queenslanders, of course.  The wall hanging is from" I luv Country"by Tracey North, with a slight change to the wording. 

     I love Christmas and spending time with family although sadly, this year will be our first 
     without our son as he will spend it with his wife to be's family. Ho hmmm. 
     But that's ok because next year we will have a daughter.

Love Those Shoes

It getting so close to Christmas the Secret Santa's are done. It is getting so close to the holidays only a few reports to go, the seniors have graduated. Yeah! I was flicking through some photos to find some pics to put on my blog to make it feel a little like Christmas and look what I found - My favourite Christmas shoes!

Thursday 17 November 2011

Nundle 2011

Beautiful Roses

Rose covered  wool press
In the middle of the end of year turmoil some ladies from my quilt group, myself included took a trip to Nundle ( small town in NSW , near Tamworth,for those who dont know) to sew with the lovely Kerry at Cottage on the Hill. 

Of course there are all the treats that go with the word "Nundle" ; patchwork at Kerry's, stitching, friends, dinner at the pub , wine and cheese , roses and a  visit to the Woollen Mill (which was still open at 7.20pm. )  What a lovely weekend we had.

The trip home was a nightmare , it was truly the biggest storm I have ever been in, I thought I was a "storm chaser". The lightning and the rain were the most intense I have ever seen but we were on the edge and missed the hail my new car ..eek!..................what a relief when we were free of it.

Our creations - not quite finished

The Essentials
Sewing with friends

Monday 7 November 2011

Weekend of Sewing

I feel like i have been reading everyone's blogs and haven't said anything myself for a while. I had the best weekend we were home for once so I spent a lot of time sewing......finishing SS sewing...Sh...... . I have decided this year to try to make as many Christmas gifts as possible so I have made a start with bags , table runners and cushions .  Ok   I did say made a start.......... This morning  Monday ... before work I took one look in my sewing room which I am very lucky  to have.......and thought I wonder if very one who sews makes as much mess as I do when I just sew all weekend?????  I spent Thursday night tidying it up making sure everything was in place for my weekend of sewing......................

I just love bird houses
A Sally Giblin pattern- cushion
Does anyone else make such a mess????Oh creative space sorry!!!

My sewing friends and I collect thimbles for each other when we travel... fun

My creative space 
A Leah Paech Pattern Canningtown Patchwork  table runner . I love all things Christmas!
A page from Po's Kitchen She has the most amazing fabric pics throughout her cook book.  Inspirational!