Tuesday 27 September 2011

Thelma's Day Out Bag

 So happy.... today finished a nice bag by Janelle Wind. I am planning on making a lot of my Christmas gifts this year. Perhaps a niece or a friend may get this one???

Berries anyone.....
There is a story to these wild rampant berries. My good friend Jill gave me a few runners a couple of years ago before she left to live in Darwin. 

 These magical berries seem to grow on  some water and little love almost anywhere. I moved a couple into what was my kitchen garden and now there is just a strawberry garden. The one in the tub did the same when I planted them there but they died out and are now regenerating from a couple of plants...I am no gardener what grows in my garden grows just because it does and these amazing berries just do...

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Owls and Flowers

Today I finished the little project from "Stitchers Dream Day Out" by Julie Lovell . A little owl project bag. Cute... I thought I would photograph it with some gerberas I bought home from the Carnival of Flowers in Toowoomba. I also brought home from Toowoomba a ladder to hang my quilts on. I was so excited I have wanted one for ages. Lucky for specials at carnival time although it was a squeeze in the corolla.... Might add, I think it might have to move out of my sewing room into the lounge if I want to get into my fabric stash.

Monday 19 September 2011

What's around Me

I had time to have a little play with setting up my blog. I drew some inspiration from all of the green wheat fields around me at the moment. So lets hope we get a little rain soon to keep them that way .

Sunday 18 September 2011

Carnival of Flowers

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We just had a lovely weekend at The Toowoomba Carnival of flowers. I have been wanting to go for years and I was not disappointed.  I thought I would share some lovely pics with you. Girls if anyone out there can help me .. I was playing with the design of my blog and now the last post doesn't come up first what have I done????

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Dream Day Out

What a great weekend I have just had. My friend  Gail and I travelled to Toowomba to "Stitchers Dream Day Out" run by Quilters Angel at Highfields. The desigers were Natalie Ross, Libby Richardson and Julie Lovell. All the designers provided beautiful projects. I was given on of Julie Lovell's owl project bags. So cute!  I love owls.    Of course ladies can dress up but we made the Hootie Owl bags designed by Natalie.
It was soooo.. windy there and quite cold but warm inside with all the ladies.

Dress up contribution - love these colours

project bag by Julie Lovell

I was able to share the quilt I made with the designer

Gail and I

Designer projects for the day
 Yeh! school holidays start Friday I might get some projects finished . I aim to garden and sew and go see our lovely son and daughter in law to be for a few days.