Wednesday 27 February 2013

Pretty in Pink

Just finished this bag for Chooky's Stitch A Long ..... I really love roses...

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Fantastic News

An absolute reason to celebrate

Moet for the grandparents and friends.....might of had one or two....

Goondi to Bundy

Last weekend we visited our son and his wife in Bundaberg. The devastation after the recent floods was horrific. Nothing we saw on the news really showed the extent of it or prepared me to see the heartbreak.   Weeks later those poor people are still in chaos and the amount of homes that have been completely washed away on Australia Day was just unbelievable, 1000 people homeless I think is the number. One part of me wanted to take photos and show you what you never saw on the TV news but the other part of me said no these people do not deserve to be reminded of it and to respect their traumatic loss of memories and precious things. My thoughts are with them.  Our family had some damage but still have their homes.

You know how we love to get together with a Pizza night. Josh made some great dessert Pizza .... really yumm....Marshmallows on top of Nutella ....easy , naughty and nice.

The beautiful Bargara Beach we went there for breakfast Sunday before heading home. Thank goodness the damage out there was kept to a very narrow strip and didn't affect the main part of town which is very dependent on visitors. 

Josh and Emma enjoying breakie

Sunday 10 February 2013

A Bird and A Chook

A bird flew a long way to meet up with a chook to cool her down.

They spent time chatting and cackling, and binding quilts for the "Caring with Quilts" project. Had some help from Jules and Yellow.

The Chook thought she was a koala and climbed the gum tree to hang our quilts.....

I was so pleased with this photo. So ... Australian  ...... Blue skies and gum trees.  Great idea Chooky.....

There's nothing like some photography with old farm implements.....Mine is the red quilt and Chooky's the other. 

I might add we were looking out for black snakes while we were doing this.........There had been a few around.......


I am sure this will be loved by someone.....

I have to thank Mr Chooky for fixing my flat tyre which I was lucky enough or unlucky enough to get ........... whichever way you look at it .......right at shed near the house....

I had a lovely, lovely weekend.

 Bird for now 



Just playing with a post.....