Monday 29 August 2016

Little Faces

Little Faces bring smiles to our young yet trying so hard to communicate.

3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday  We love being grandparents

New Cushions

I made some new cushions to match our pool area. I got this fabric from Kerry at "Cottage on the Hill ", Nundle.  I just love it and so I have added some pictures of the fabric selvedge because it so cool.

I love the birds as a colour palette.

Some progress on EPP

After a big weekend visiting the kids its time for some EPP

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Home Made Gnocci

All ready for an Italian night

The Sauce - slow cooked for 4 hours
Making Gnocci
Ready for the pot
BY the way it was vellisimo 

Pool Project Finished

We started our pool project way back in May and it feels like it has stopped all else even sewing.  

It is finally finished and we are so happy with it. As many of you know my elderly Mum and Dad live next door so now I have a ramp so they don't trip up the old bricks I had in the walkway..
The basic pool sort of turned into a garden reno a well as an extension the entire length of the house but I am so pleased.
You may wonder why I took a photo of a tap or two but I have not had any water in my garden since early May either and it was a total pain.   But oh, now I have a fancy one no more rolling up hoses.
The garden is actually growing now all of the agapanthus cuttings are now well rooted and growing.

May be now I will get back to my sewing.  I  never thought I would be saying I can't wait for summer.

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Happy Birthday to my friend Chooky 
Hope you had a great day.

Monday 15 August 2016

Trilogy of Dreamimg

Just did this little trilogy for fun

Ha Ha Ha!!!

Lots of images from "Shiralee Stitches Day"

Thank you to Kerry  for letting us use her studio for this workshop.  The before shot and the after shots. It was a great space.
After - Decorated with the work of  Sandy from "Shiralee Stitches "

                                                                 Sandy and Chooky setting up shop.

This is the "Norfolk" quilt.    

Just beautiful. 

More beautiful quilts and lovely and useful things for sale 

Best " girls day"  with besties.  Sandy and I 

  "a little shop of EPP"

Another of Sandy's own designs - "  Shiralee Elegance"

Kerry and I drooling over the beautiful things on this table 
Ready to sew and learn

Lots of good advice

A lesson or two 
Gi Gi's hexies our youngest stitcher.
Robyn and Di working hard at it

Gail and Jo enjoying the day 
Jo loving EPP

Margie and Di 
Marg, Annette and Sheena

Mother and daughter team