Saturday 30 March 2024

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all out there in blogland. To those I’ve met personally and to those I know virtually have a wonderful time with family and friends in whatever way you celebrate Easter Sunday . Easter blessings to you all. I’m spending Easter with my family and I’m loving it . I haven’t posted the kids for a while so sorry a lot of family photos in this post . 

My beautiful granddaughter  Easter 2024
Why are boys always being crazy?? My grandson 
Good Friday- Barra on the barbie . My son is the best cook
My hubby  

My son, our one and only child him to hits

 I have few photos with my daughter in law and I together and love this one

The boys 



Wednesday 20 March 2024

Catch all Caddy 2 using Tilda

 I used  Tilda fabrics - ”Circus Life Jubilee Blue” , lined with ‘Farm flowers Teal ‘ and bound with ‘ Ginger (a spot) ‘

I thought since I went to the show and bought the fabric I had better get into it and make something. I decided to make another Catch All Caddy and matching Easy as you Go bag. A matching set. One for machine sewing outings and one for hand sewing outings. 

Thursday 14 March 2024

‘Easy does it’ Patterns by Annie

 After finishing my Chookshed Stitchers Challenge I’ve got the bug so I have started on another couple of projects. If you were at Scrub Stitchn last year you may remember my ‘Catch All Caddy’ another from the Patterns by Annie collection. But I added something special, one of our visitors from the USA , Tracey made me this pin wheel block so I added it to the bag…the memories from that weekend  are many and happy.

The new bag with it’s matching buddy .

Wednesday 13 March 2024

ChookshedStitchers Challenge 4

 Challenge 4 done. For me it was a panel quilt. It’s not a huge quilt but one that has been in the stash for a number of years. Then I saw another little project I have had for 12 months or so. I decided I would do both for this challenge. I still ask myself why did I need the motivation of a challenge to dig into this part of my stash? That’s why I love a stitch along . 

The advent calendar is “ Santa’s  Tree Farm’”  and the other panel is “Snow Buddies” 

The advent calendar was easy to do as all the little pockets were folded up and not individually sewn


Monday 11 March 2024

Email Test

 Hi Everyone 

I have changed my blog email to 

Some of you may have my bigpond email and that remains my main contact but I am hoping any blog comment you leave or I leave for you  will go through on the gmail address , so lets see. 

Please leave me a comment and lets see. Fingers crossed.

This may be my next project , sorry the photo isn't too clear . I love the deer. 

Wednesday 6 March 2024

Laundry DIY

While I was working on my last Chookshed Stitchers Challenge  I was also working on another sneaky project . I have updated my laundry from a single old tub over a tin cupboard in the corner to this.

 Ta Da! I have always wanted a bench in my laundry.  The cupboards, sink, tap and bench top were from Bunnings.(DIY store).We put all the cupboards together and the builder set them in for us with the sink, taps and tiles.  Then I painted the room myself. So happy with it.

Monday 4 March 2024

Panels from USA

I thought I would find all 3 of the quilts made using the panels Bernie brought me home from the US . They have been hiding in the stash for so long . No more hiding they are all done now and out in the world to be loved I hope. Happy Days !

Sunday 3 March 2024

Finished Call of the Wild - Bear quilt


I am so wrapped to be finished the flimsy . If it weren’t for the challenge I’m sure  it wouldn’t be done at this time. Thanks Deana and Donna. It has a few lumps and bumps on the design wall but I’m sure you see enough of it. Bernie loves it so I’m very happy about that because it will be his tv quilt for winter. I have to say I was a bit hesitant about all the points but I’m glad I chose the bear paw as I think it really sets off the bear. It’s also something I have never done before.  Ok now I better check out the next challenge . Happy quilting .