Thursday 27 February 2020

Mouse Pin Cushion

Soon I'm going to a" Girls Stitch In"  in Toowoomba .  Natalie Bird ( The Birdhouse patchwork Designs ) and Kris Mears (Tag Along Teddies ) will be the guest designers. I was a bit inspired and  I couldn't resist buying this Natalie Bird pattern when I was in Toowoomba last week.   I am even more surprised that I have already made it up and its finished. Yeah! It's more than a pin cushion but a carry all for stitchery days out, just perfect for the Toowoomba day out.

Paw Patrol and Dinosaurs for Colt

Since I've been recovering from my back op I have had lots of time to stitch so finishing things is on my agenda. I got this one finished for Colt before he is too old for it. It has a cosy minky type backing and cotton on the front. Its very simple as I am sure it will be used and washed a lot.

The weather has been so nice here we have had rain very few days so far this month. Every thing is as green as and after a couple of years of not having to mow the grass it's a full time job now and I AM NOT complaining. Its so refreshing.  According to my gauge we have had 159ml this month. in the imperial system that is 6.2 inches. In a normal the February average is  69ml  although of course  we have not had that during the drought time. I hope you are getting rain if you need it.

Love the little dinosaur tracks on this fabric

Monday 17 February 2020

Fairies for Em

During my convalescence I have been catching up on some sewing as it is the one thing I can do.  Stitching quilt binds has taken a bit of time. I can t believe I have 2 quilts all done just waiting for the binding to be stitched.
Well this one is finished. My daughter in law said that she had one just the same that her grandmother made her when she was a girl. When the floods went through her town she lost many of her treasured memories including her quilt. So of course she had her eye on this one. She loved it. I bought it about 6 years ago on a trip to North Queensland thinking it would be lovely for my granddaughter when she turned 5 or 6.  The material is not as old as my DIL so I think it must be a reproduction. I machine quilted it myself , I'm not too good at it but I am learning so this will have to do.

Just did some basic stippling 

Tried a couple of daisies but the centre isn't too good so will cover it with something .

Playing in the Rain

The kids are having the best time playing in the rain. The central Queensland coast  has had quite a lot over the past few weeks but obviously not enough yet.   Innocent kid fun... not enough of it these days. 

These two are ours !

She says I will win this race !

He says  " I believe whatever you say"  Ha Ha!

Monday 10 February 2020

Finally a Rain Event

Wow! It has rained a lot in the last couple of days ... Finally . 
75 mm in the last week 57mm yesterday. The sparse grass is due to the drought just two weeks ago there was not a blade of grass here.

Front door view 

Back door view 

What to do with a Stitchery.

I've been recovering well from my back operation so time to do some sewing while I recover some more.
I didn't know what to do with this stitchery . (designed by Rosalie Dekker. she was Rosalie Quinlan .)  I love her work ,may she rest in patchwork and stitchery heaven after losing her battle with breast cancer.  So sad.
I decided I needed a cover for my light board so this is what it has become. A bag with a pocket for the cord and all, all ready to take to my next retreat.