Thursday 16 February 2012

For Kirsty's Wedding

Today I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.... I have finished the quilt I started at Kerry's retreat in November. It's going to be a wedding present for my lovely niece. 
Hope she like's it ????

One of Kerry Swain's  Patterns

All I have to now is get it to the quilter and do the bind. Doesn't sound like much before next weekend does it ? Luckily I have made a pre booking with the quilter. Yeh! 

Pink Hearts and Favourite Things

I have finally started on the "my favourite things quilt" I have been SO.... wanting to get to it. 
I have done the appliqué on the cup cakes block- not a lot, but a start...........I really don't have any experience with needle turn so it will be a challenge for me.

   I am also working on this beautiful stitchery by Rosalie Quinlan. 

A little peek at a trial........??????

Sunday 5 February 2012

No photos today sorry. After sewing all last weekend I had to attack some boring household  tasks this weekend. Hubby is sick of  mowing, I am sure the grass is growing before the days mowing is done.   One should not complain because it is so much better to see such a green garden than drought parched land. I hope none of you are suffering flooding.