Thursday 24 March 2022

Easter Prep and Crazy Hair Day

 Today I spent some time doing some preparation for Easter. I will have a house full of  family and so looking forward to it. Shortbread cookies, cup cakes and choc chip cookies. Their favourites.

Now for the icing. 

These two had crazy hair day and yes it's her own hair. He says he's a pineapple and she's a pumpkin. Ha Ha LOL. 

Wednesday 23 March 2022

Double Quilt Finish

It's such a nice feeling when a flimsy finally turns into a full blown finished quilt. I have finished binding two this week. Why did it take so long? The first one is one I made at Cottage on the Hill a few years ago now and the second one is an even older finish. But they are done now. Both simple but effective. Not the colours in my house decor but colours I love none the less. Gifts may be ??


Saturday 19 March 2022

Just in time for Easter

 The final pieces are sewn in 

The bind is on thank you Lynette Anderson for designing the pattern .

Voila! all done set for Easter what's you favourite Easter treat, mine would have to be the Ferrero Rocher Egg ?

Saturday 12 March 2022


 My sewing room is finally had its final edition a sewing and cutting table from Horn. It arrived last night and my darling hubby put it together right away. Its height adjustable for cutting and sewing, The top flips if I need more space and it has a recess to make a flat top for quilting and its on casters for easy moving. So happy with it .

I am working on finishing this little table centre for Easter.. I have had it as a UFO for a long time . It's from Lynette  Anderson Designs