Tuesday 27 December 2016

SSCS 2017

Thank you Oddbjorg for this lovely gift. I just love the tilda fabric and the table runner , the colours suit my home beautifully. 
Thanks Chooky for organizing all of us to do the swap. I always get so excited to think there are ladies all over the world who are keeping in contact and are willing to swap their stitching work with others. If I had a wish I would like us all to be able to meet somewhere one day. I think that would be amazing to meet in person and share stories. 

Happy New year to all of my blog friends.

thanks again Oddbjorg. 

Thursday 22 December 2016

The sleigh has arrived from Norway

Thank you Secret Santa . My parcel from Oddbjørg has arrived.

( www.nordquilt.blogspot.com) So exciting to receive it in the mail today just in time for Christmas. Love the reindeer wrapping. The little heart decoration is lovely and on the tree. My little grandaughter loved to put it on there for me. I will post some photos tomorrow. My family has just arrived home tonite.  Thank you so much Oddbjorg.  

Wednesday 21 December 2016

Secret Santa and Baking

So glad my Secret Santa person  Anne Heidi  received her present.  Mine is still on the sleigh somewhere? I am sure it will be here on time.

 Last year I stressed so much because Noemia didn't get hers before Christmas.  Hope  she is enjoying her gift for Christmas this year. I just love looking at my Christmas tree with all the beautiful decorations on it from my SSCS friends.

Today I was baking cookies or as we call them biscuits and wearing my apron -a gift from Nancy in 2014. On my table is a table runner ,my gift from Cat from New Zealand from 2011.  (Thought I would show you Nancy if your watching.)

More Christmas Parade

One happy Elf
One happy little girl
Very good parade ..won't bore you with all the photos 

Happy Holidays

No time to sew on this holiday 
Christmas Parade at Movie world- wonderful for the children  (and the grandma's) 

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Fairy Stitching

I am spending some time trying to finish this stitching project by Rosalie Quinlan who now goes by Rosalie Decker (I think.) 


Its all about the birds

The birds were fascinating especially the bower bird. I was watching him build his nest or his bower. He carefully wove and placed each stalk of grass into perfect position to make this amazing shaped nest. And of course they are famous for their collection of items in this case blue things , but it must be the right blue or they are not interested. 

Bower Bird
We couldn't have our breakfast until we fed the birds. These birds are all wild and not caged in any way but they have learned to trust people so much that they will eat from your hand and sit on your head ..Ha Ha ..

Queen Mary Falls- Killarney Queensland

We hooked up the caravan ( my little home unit on wheels)  and headed to Queen Mary Falls near Killarney. It is at the top of the great divide not far from Warwick. Well I was not disappointed. I have wanted to go there for a while. It is a beautiful part of the world.

Pre - Christmas in the Caravan

All set up for the grand kids to visit us and guess who arrived....We made a dinosaur garden with chocolate play-dough and of course we had some cuddles.

More Christmas

Two of my favourite  Georg Jensen decorations 
This one was given to me by a very special Danish Exchange student, Kathrine 
I love making a baked ham.. so easy, so nice
I hosted our staff room Christmas dinner