Sunday 24 November 2019

Foxley Village Finished

  I have finally finished putting the bind on this beautiful quilt. I just  love Natalie Bird's work and Tilda fabrics. I changed the pattern slightly and didn't use the same outside border as in the pattern because I preferred the white however I did use a multi- coloured bind.

Christmas Sewing

When I was in Hobart recently I went to Helen Stubbings '  Hugs and Kisses shop. She has such a cute little shop with a coffee shop section as well .  I chose this little Christmas wall hanging. I  did it in lime green and red.  It's on the wall and ready fro Christmas 2019. 
This is not true to colour really as you can see below.

Tuesday 5 November 2019

A Very Special Weekend

Ev had her first dance concert and it was the day before Boo Poppy's 60th birthday so we had a multi celebration weekend. First my "jeanie" and all her  preparations.  I am biased of course but I thought she looked beautiful even when she had been having several dates with the tooth fairy.
After the concert we all went to dinner , and yes, there was cake and some kids keen to help blow out the candles and Boo didn't mind at all.
 He didn't mind getting help opening his presents either
 Boo didn't mind turning 40 years younger and being the Avenger Colt chose for him 
 According to Colton both Poppy's and dad had to wear the party masks he helped me buy.  Ha !Ha!  so funny at breakfast. Grandfathers will do anything for their little man.

Back to the Sewing Room

This week I have got back into my sewing room after so many weekends away. I'm quilting , stitching and trying out my new little light weight machine  I bought for lugging around to retreats and sewing days .

I'm quilting this fairy quilt for Ev.
This is my new light weight have fabric and sewing friends will travel machine. I'm making a Christmas table centre.
This is a wall hanging that will have some red and green hexagons attached, however the fabric  is actually lime green.