Monday 29 December 2014

A Thoughtful Gift

My Secret Santa Nancy was kind enough to send a gift for my granddaughter. I mentioned it in my last post but here is a photo of her receiving it.

 This is what I sent Lynn as her  Secret Santa 

Thursday 25 December 2014

Thank you secret Santa Nancy

Thank you so much Nancy for my beautiful pin wheel apron, the chocolates and the nail file and of course the gorgeous decoration.

Little Evelyn received her doll but I am sure she was looking for its's face...??  No doubt this is what you were going to tell me about. We have had a wonderful Christmas Day it was hot and sunny and we swam and ate and played tennis and cricket.

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Christmas Books

Eleventh hour sewing to finish off a Christmas book for someone to read under the Christmas tree or on  Poppy's lap.

It has been a tradition in my family to put a variety of Christmas story books under the Christmas tree leading up til Christmas Day The children love it and it also saves the Christmas Baubles on the  There's nothing like reading to little ones , it's truly quality time for adults and children.....It's never too early to start. Merry Christmas!

Monday 22 December 2014

Never too Young for Christmas

One day I hope this will be her job.... we had a fun time.

Hope you are enjoying Christmas preparations with your loved ones.

Sunday 21 December 2014

Happiness is ...

Happiness is Poppy with his little girl and their sparkles or as she calls them her "pretties" and me being able to watch them.

Happiness is Poppy and his little girl reading her new piano book and me looking on and listening.

Tuesday 16 December 2014

A sad day for Australia

                       I cannot believe the events in Sydney yesterday.

                     Sympathy, thoughts and prayers for those 
                     hostages involved and their families.

                    Thoughts and thanks to the brave police who 
                     risked their lives to end that terrible siege. 

Thursday 11 December 2014

Secret Santa has Arrived

So exciting....My secret santa parcel arrived from the SSCS swap.  The lovely Nancy from Pennsylvania USA has made me the most gorgeous Christmas Star. Thank you Nancy it is simply beautiful. Cant wait to open my present on Christmas day. 

I just love the colouring and stitching. Sorry it is sideways but I posted on my phone. 

Sunday 7 December 2014


I have been having a bit of a clean up during decorating and some things just need to be moved out....or do they... This lovely wooden box was in my  kitchen with a cherry photo on the front. Always held plastic bags... but that's what drawers are for...

Now its in my sewing room.  Big enough to hold cutters and scissors etc ... I have had this little sewing machine trinket for ages and I think it just suites the part....

Now finish cleaning up the sewing room and get into some sewing... 

A Christmas Tour of Our Home.

After reading Kate's blog where she took us for a tour  of her lovely home. I thought , what a nice idea . 

So I will give you a tour of mine. Bernie usually changes the blocks around to spell all sorts of crazy things that seems to have become a tradition in our house.

No it's not Christmas .. just left overs from the the 'tree decorating party".. have one every year so much better than doing it on your own when you are "empty nesters "..

Go from the kitchen to the dining candle lights... a lovely gift from one of my friends ( and one of the tree decorators.)

Go the other way and the family room has a little more corner.

From the dining room. Makes me feel like I am having a white Christmas when I look here.

Looking to the lounge room

Our tree

A little touch of Denmark because it holds a special place in  my heart.

 And that is it... Hope you enjoyed visiting me this Christmas. 


I love Christmas ...Family... cooking... get togethers.....and rain.....

My niece and great niece is so wonderful to have little people in our lives.

My beautiful granddaughter ... camping....and enjoying the rain ....even though the rest of the campers probably don't want it. Something about kids and rain they just don't care....

Bernie's been making is pretty good I must add.

I love Christmas....