Thursday 28 September 2017


Just a little work trip with Hubby 

Goondiwinidi to Brisbane Monday    4 h 6 min (345.7 kmvia State Route 85
 Brisbane to Quilpie   Tuesday            10 h 50 min (953.9 kmvia Warrego Hwy
Quilpie to Goondiwinidi   Friday                 8 h 49 min (819.8 km) 
Home  Friday night -- I hope 

I always find it so amazing how positive,resourceful ,kind and friendly people who live in the far west of our state of Queensland are. The little town of Quilpie is in a dry arid place. With high sprinklers they put some water on their garden to have a small patch of green. Why high sprinklers do you ask ? Because the water that comes out of the ground and it's too hot to put directly on the garden.

The council is out working hard to beauty and maintain their little outback town . We visited the stores and each offered something different to provide what people need.

The love of the arts and the outback culture is evident and proudly shown.

The tourist season is over so things are quiet now but they will keep going. This is the second time I have been here this year once when the town was overflowing with people for the centenary and yesterday when we arrived  it was 41 C and there were just the locals.  Either way this is an awesome little town. When you travel through these small outback towns stop and buy lunch or check out the stores and buy a little or big something you need.  My friend and I found some things were cheaper than the larger towns and some little stores had some real finds 

For my overseas friends this is where Quilpie is.

Quilpie trip September 2017

Today was 41 C in Quilpie . This area of Queensland is hot as a rule but generally not this hot in Spring. 

So hot and dry that even the emus and kangaroos wanted to be cool so they took advantage of the school holidays . We saw two kangaroos at this school's grounds  as well as the emus. There were about 8 emu's. 

The Opal Alter- Our Quilpie visit

The Opal Alter at St Finbarr's in Quilpie 

This alter is so beautiful another jewel in the outback !

"Home to one of Quilpie Shire’s most iconic attractions, St Finbarr’s Church rests on the foundations of an intriguing history.
In 1976, the Priest at the time, Father John Ryan, decided to compliment the opal mining background of the area by commissioning local miner, Des Burton, to install a border of opal around the carving of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour.
Instead, Des offered the Priest ‘a bit on the wall’. This turned out to be almost an entire wall, which is now installed on St Finbarr’s altar, lectern and baptismal font.
Des Burton, the father of the boulder opal industry, is largely responsible for putting Queensland Boulder Opals on the world stage. " (

Catching up on some EPP

Thursday 21 September 2017


Thought I would make use of some muscle while I had it . Got lots of help in the garden today.

I was replanting a fig tree my friend Kerry gave me . I stupidly planted it in the wrong spot . Second time lucky I hope.
The kids thoroughly enjoyed planting a pot of their own.
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First Day Sewing

Made a bag for her  little dolls and ironed on the motifs . She did very well and got more independent as she went.

Last Day of Visiting

                    Today the kids are heading home but one last buggy ride was necessary.

They love the buggy.. both want to drive of course .
We had to take great Grandpa of course. Dad just loves seeing the kids .

Quilts have a New Home

Last weekend I went to Nundle (as in my last post). Must be a record though , the quilt I made is quilted and bound and on the way to its new home on Josh and Emma's king bed, so it was a biggie.
I have finished the bind on  this single bed quilt for Colton's bed and it's ready to go as well.

I made this quilt last year at Nundle at "Cottage on the Hill" with Kerry Swain 

I love this cute fox and Indian fabric . I made this for my little boy, Colton.
This king size chevron quilt made at " Cottage on The Hill" is now finished . Thanks to Margie Collins for quilting it for me so quickly.
This one has been completed for a little while but since my DIL  Emma loves it so much it's going home to Bundaberg as well. Probably for my granddaughters bed.

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Nundle and a Quilt for Emma.

I have just spent a weekend at Nundle with my sewing buddies. We had a lovely weekend. It's hard not to have a great time at "Cottage on the Hill "with Kerry Swain. 

My fabric selection .. I am so not a blue person but I do love this for Emma
Chevron design for a king size bed
You can't beat the view from "Hanging  Rock " near Nundle NSW
My sewing buddies,  Myself (left)  Gail (centre) and Jo 
A king size quilt , it doesn't quite look like it ,but believe me it's big.

Sunday 10 September 2017

We Won

Well the BBQ competition is over.        Guess what we won!    So excited. 

I never thought we would have a chance with the army chef  there.  We won a BBQ just like the ones we cooked on thanks to Mitre 10  Hardware  and Rotary.  So lucky.  Hope you like the photos .

Bernie getting ready to go 
We were both very busy .. one hour to cook a BBQ meal for 10 people
Chef Alistair  McLoud  and Tully from My Kitchen Rules were the judges.

Chef Otis from the Army made a lamb back strap crusted with vegetables.
Graham the Mayor Of Goondiwindi - fillet steak and vegetables .
Jason and Shane from Goondiwindi Police - Pork ribs and salad 
The judges tasting our food
These are our 10 plates of food.  Thai Barbecue chicken and Thai style salad.  "The Winners "

Saturday 9 September 2017

BBQ Boss

This is what we are up to tomorrow!! Wish us luck
This is what we hope to reproduce tomorrow. Had to practice of course.
BBQ Thai Chicken


These two adventurers got themselves into a very large empty pot but couldn't get out. They were glad to be set free. ( Bearded Dragons)