Friday 28 December 2012


My son bought his lovely wife a sewing machine for Christmas. Yesterday we had some fun together learning how to use the new machine and Em made her first project. Some cute little coasters.

Just learning

 cute fabric
All finished... Lovely job.

Josh just had to have a go . A blast from the past from when he sat beside me when he was a little boy. 
It pleases my heart to see young people learning some sewing skills
A lovely machine

 Just sharing a few pics from Christmas Day . We all had such fun....

What are they checking on .......
Mmmmm...... yum..... I think the nicest ham we've had.

My brother and his son.....very special to have them over for Christmas.... 
My little  brother's son - ambushed  his uncle (AKA- the zombie ) in the kitchen....Ah...

My  brother' s family minus their daughter . Unfortunately she couldn't be there for Christmas may be next time. She and her family had xmas with her husbands family
The deboned, stuffed and  rolled turkey is always a shared task

Em helping with the turkey......may be Em will take over next time and I can rest was so nice to have her helping me.
Em and nephew,Ben wrapping on Christmas Eve

Cakes anyone?

What about cookies???

Breakfast - easy eggs to have with ham for lots of people....


Breakfast  Christmas 2012 

Nothing like trying out the new camera sis!
2 tables required - had to be inside today too hot on the patio.....

My lovely nieces and nephew.

                               And that's Christmas at my place .... 

                                                     Now to find some time to sew!

Thursday 27 December 2012

Thank You Secret Santa

It  was wonderful to receive this beautiful gift for Christmas . Thank you Grethe ( a quilt lady) from Norway. I just love it . I travel a lot so this will be excellent to carry my shoes.

Sorry about the photography I just have to put my big camera in to be fixed.

I just love it

Beautiful stitching

Thanks again Grethe and thank you Chooky for organising the swap. This is my second time and it has been just great. It's so nice to be connected to the other side of the world.

Saturday 22 December 2012

Christmas Gifts

Last week the girls in our sewing group met for Christmas celebrations.  Look at these cute sewing things I was given. I am so spoilt by my friends.  

Thread catcher. mini pin cushion for those Janet Daley projects, quilt pegs and mock antique scissors. 
This little crochet thimble is so fine and devine 

I will now take the time to say Merry Christmas to you all. All the family are home so I think my chances of blogging over the next few days are  slim. I hope you all enjoy your Christmas with those you love. I hope the weather is as you want it to be and Santa comes to you all . 

PS. Looking forward to opening my SSCS.....and to seeing what you all received from your Secret Santas.

Home at Last

Today is the best day , Dad was released from hospital yesterday. Against all odds he is home with us for Christmas. We are so blessed.  Don't mind his red non slip socks. I told him they were his Christmas socks. This is all I wanted for Christmas. 

My beautiful and tough Dad. Enjoying his first breakfast at home after his hospital stay.

To all those families who will have their loved ones in hospital over Christmas and for long periods of time I wish you all best.

I felt a sad hole in my stomach when we left Ray, Scott and David "W"  at the hospital still looking after their  lovely mum/wife when we took our dad home .  

After 4 weeks walking the halls together  in a Brisbane hospital  we became friends with the "W" family.  Two families from the country, both lost souls in the city without our open space, gardens, animals and birds. We somehow attracted when we found my nephew was a friend of one of the "W" boys.

 Mrs "W" even travelled back to Toowoomba in the same ambulance as our Dad.
Unfortunately Mrs 'W" can't go home for Christmas. I feel so sad for them and send prayers and hugs.

Monday 17 December 2012

Christmas Wishes Come True

  My Dad has been really ill for the past 5 weeks but fantastic news today, he is almost well enough to come home. They told us today he will be home for Christmas. I am so happy and feel so blessed that he has been a great fighter and the medical staff have been so kind. ....Reason to celebrate. ....I didn't feel much like Christmas until we got that news. I thought I would share some of my house at Christmas.

My Danish corner

With traditional candles

My newly planted garden - just for Christmas .

Outside Charm

Can't possibly be without Rudolf

Lights on the tree 

My favourite- the  fire place filled with cellophane and lights with my santa collection on the mantle.

Its now time for the elves to get into gear and prepare for Christmas. 

How Hot is it

I am a bit of a christmas freak ... look what my lovely son bought home for me ......

Of course I had some little visitors come and check it out..............The big kid in this pic went through school with my son. So glad they still keep in touch .

Today at 2.00 pm   in my outdoor area...   HOW HOT  .....THIS HOT  ..... How hot were you Chooky?????

This is our Christmas present to Mr Bird and myself but its too hot to sit out there today.............

A beautiful Wedding

 On Saturday our family had a day to be proud of, our beautiful niece ( my sister's eldest daughter ) was married to a lovely young man. Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I made some hearts to decorate the chairs using my trusty pin cushion pattern and my embroidery machine.

A proud dad and daughter

The priest was a very old friend of our family- that was nice.....

Aunty Jenny was asked to do a reading , what an honour.

A hug for grandma....

Our kids.

Family photo 

Happy Family has a new addition

Uncle Merve ,Aunty Dot  and Aunty Val

The beautiful bride

The grooms mum made the cake - clever lady

Hearts for the happy couple

Post wedding