Sunday 31 March 2013

Easter at Home

We have had a lovely Easter so far. We had friends visit from Brisbane Thursday night and Friday and last night we had friends over for dinner so today is going to be a quiet Easter Sunday at home. Our son and his wife are off camping with friends and we will see them next week.

Bernie making home made pasta for Good Friday
Pasta with prawns will be on the menu

A lovely gift from our friends Step and Gave. Steph is always so thoughtful and kind.

Look who's in my garden.
Enjoy your break and I hope you all catch up with family and friends you love.

Friday 29 March 2013

Take The Time to Smell the Roses

One of Nundle's many charms. The roses!  Such beautiful roses outside each cabin at the caravan park.  They must have a very good gardener.  Happy birthday Sis!


Sunday 24 March 2013

Great Fun and Friends

Wow! What a great weekend full of fun and laughter in the company of some lovely ladies. Thanks to Kerry for continuing to offer Girls Day in the Country. Thanks to Sandy,Chris and Jen for inviting me into their cabin and of course to the Chookster for keeping us all in contact and motivated to get to this weekend. Happy stitching everyone.

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Bobbin Storage

After curing the  hangover what can I do with the empty container.....    Dress it up and use it to carry bobbins in. I dressed mine up to carry the threads for my Sue Daley projects.

 I couldn't make up my mind which fabrics to use for my pin cushion  ... maybe I will make both.

Love the colours Anni Downs uses .... I tried to use very similar ones 

Finished pin cushion  for my SAL (anAnni Downs design)
I also decided to finish filling 2 other little items that were lurking in my sewing room suing " finish me please ...."
 Blue Pin cushion designed by by Sue Daley  the  2 others designed by Anni Downs.

My next project started ..... Sewing case by Anni Downs

Sunday 3 March 2013

Flat Tyres


Why Me????    Flat tyres.......Grrrr.....

One January - Brisbane Hospital Car Park
Two February  - Visiting Chooky
Three March - Girls Stitch in Toowoomba

Cooking up a Treat

Sunday relaxing at home.....Mr Bird in the kitchen  and me doing blogs on the patio.....LOL. 

Over time Mr  Bird  has perfected his chilli Jam recipe. Every time we make it, the jam ends up being handed out to all our friends who are addicted. 

So today was time to do up another batch or  two .  

Mr Chooky has also put  the pressure on to make sure some of the golden chilli stuff gets to him via Nundle and ........    its too wet for golf....

My herb garden has just begun to really thrive with all this rain, even some fresh radishes , my first  herb garden harvest....yeah!..... parsley, basil, oregano ,coriander , thyme.

Girls Stitch Along 2013

Yesterday we braved the flooded roads and went to Toowoomba for a beautiful day of stitching run by Quilters Angel at High fields.  My friends Gail, Margie S, Jo and Maxine went to "Girls Stitch In" with me. Quilters Angel is a beautiful shop to visit if you are in the Toowoomba area. 
I was thrilled to run into two fellow bloggers Lynda and Cheryl. We had a good chat of course.....

I have discovered TILDA ......I Love it
Tilda Bird Fabric mmmm.......

Large wooden reels...
                Yes ...did some shopping .... A Tilda ribbon holder stand and fabric plus something else
to do for Christmas 
This was my project by Nikki Tervo

The Guest designers were Kris Mears (Tag a Long Teddies) and Nikki Tervo ( Brandy Gully)

close up

By Nikki

by Nikki

By Nikki

By Nikki

A project by Kris
By Kris

Beautiful Tables and cute name tags ... clever Idea I thought
We had a sit down lunch and were serenaded with some lovely music during lunch

Jo and Margie 

 I am very grateful that I can go to such days with such lovely friends.