Sunday 19 February 2023

Anson's Bay and Eddystone Lighthouse

 We drove to Anson's bay and to Eddystone lighthouse these places are towards the top of the East coast of Tasmania. It was almost all gravel but a good road and the scenery ranged from forest to fields to the sea shore with little creeks and rivers along the way. Anson’s Bay was a sleepy little fishing village with nothing else and the lighthouse was just that but beautiful scenery. I’m glad we took the drive.

Eddystone Lighthouse

Eddystone Lighthouses  point

Eddystone Lighthouse

Eddystone Llighthouse boat ramp

Red algae that makes Bay of Fires

Lots of hay baling going on across to the bay

Beautiful creeks and rivers all over this area.

St Helens

 17th. February 2023 

 Drove to St Helens from Campbell Town, a mix of open plains and forests , but a nice drive. The thing is about Tasmania there’s almost a town over very hill unlike where we live  where it at 2 hours to anywhere and at 4 hours to everywhere else. Today was the most scary wind I’ve been in in the van. The whole van is rocking and I hope it soon stops. Not only was it windy but very hot for Tasmania buy not hot for us of course.  30- 31 C is lovely weather for summer.


Binalong Bay is the most beautiful place , you can look over at the Bay of Fires , so named because of the orange algae on the rocks that make it look like a fire. At the boat ramp at Binalong bay it looks like a sea garden the water is as clear as crystal and all sorts of seaweeds are growing there for us to sea.


Binalong bay 

Binalong Bay

The rocks at Binalong have the red algae like bay of fires



The seaweed gardens 

I love these flowers they uses them in a lot of arrangements but I never knew they had. What is like a little cone inside. I will try to find out their name, unless somebody knows kept me know. They had a huge garden of them at the caravan park

These were the most amazing oysters I’ve ever had. Fresh from the bay .
We made kilpatrick - my favourite type

Our spot at the big 4 at St Helens a very nice park but a bit expensive 

Leaving St Helens photos as we drive away. 

Mole Creek and Chudleigh

 16th February 2023

Today we drove out from Deloraine to Mole Creek. There is an old pub there that was reported to sell a really good pie. And they were right, a lamb pie with a very special gravy and a Tasmanian Tiger printed on the pastry top. We also found a very nice little coffee shop. It ceases to amaze me how such tiny towns create themselves to survive. They do it in the out back and here in Tassie as well. This town is a base for going to the limestones caves and hiking and very popular with outdoor  adventurers. The Tasmanian tiger or thylacine is now extinct. Standard is that the last credible sighting was 1936 but some still say it’s still out there.?? This pub shares lots of stories about it. An interesting fact is that when we were in Kakadu national park in the far north of Australia there was aboriginal rock art with this animal drawn?

 Mole Creek Hotel

Pan and Tony our travelling friends 

Chudleigh  ‘  Melita  honey shop ‘

Bees making honey comb