Thursday 20 February 2014

How times have changed

I found this on a friend's Facebook  I thought we should study this before Girls Day in The Country... Sorry its a bit blurry.....

I DON'T THINK SO....... Haven't times changed....did make me laugh.....  LOL

Out to Dinner

We delivered the quilt and celebrated a birthday. 

Of course we can never get enough cuddles or pictures.

We all went out to dinner for son Josh's birthday

A Special Present

I have finally finished Evelyn's baby shower quilt. 

Before she was born many people had been shopping or going through their stash to find a special piece of fabric for her special quilt. You have seen a peek before but it's finished now. 

I think she likes it and Emma and Josh  are pleased with it as well.

"Oh there is a tea pot from Poppy Kettle... LOL....horses and farm things from Mummy's friends at Alpha, owls from Daddy's cousin Stacey and a beautiful border from her sister, Jaimee. Dinosaurs from Aunty Lucy  and heaps more. Great Grandma Donpon gave the little birds under the red owl and Nip and Buddy were printed by Great Aunty Andrea."  

 Every one will be  acknowledged in the journal I am making to go with it. 

"Now Grandma I am inspecting your tag and my name ....I love checking out tags on things."

Evelyn can now crawl about about a metre or two at a time. She gets around very quickly when she wants something.

"Checking out every square and the back deserves a real inspection....Love the owl from Great Aunty Kathy and Grandama Jen added the fairies as her piece. The Pink strips came from Sweden."

"Feels so good especially Sally's embroidered owl that I am sitting on. I tried to scratch the embroidery off him."

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Quilt Finished

I should have finished this quilt ages ago. If you take a look way back in my posts you will see when I began this lovely queen sized quilt. Well, I have finally completely finished it . I have made it all the way around that bind. It will surely be ready for next Christmas.

Couldn't help thinking of "Cardygirl" when I kept putting off the doing binding. I know how much she loves doing binds.

"Holiday Chorus"