Saturday 24 February 2024

February's Cookshed Stitchers Project 2 Bear Quilt

 I am so glad we said we would 'work' on these projects because I have been away a lot of February and I don't think I'm going to finish but I have started . Well picking the design and fabrics anyway. I showed my panel in an earlier blog. I have decided to use a bear paw block in these colours .

Going with bear paws in some way 

My practice block

I had to do bit of planning for this one 
I like it — but now how many and the layout ?

Tilda buy up

 I just love Tilda fabrics so I had to buy some  at the Jubilee Celebrations. 

I can see some  Christmas gifts  in this lot.

Probably bought too much but … who cares.

I know what I will  be sewing on my next 2 retreats in April 

Tone signed my entry badge for

Friday 23 February 2024

A Meeting with Tilda 25th Jubilee

What a great day. The Tilda Jubilee Celebration was held at the Brisbane Convention Centre on the 17th Feb.  It was a very enjoyable event on many levels. Our tickets included a Talk by Norwegian artist, Tone Finnanger . She spoke about her journey as an art student, toy and quilt designer and eventually a fabric designer. She is one very talented and humble lady. 

The day was hosted by 2 Green Zebras, the distributors of Tilda in Australia. We had morning tea, lunch and shopping.  The food was quality but the shopping squashy but that was to be expected when there was so many people. (600 or so )

Tilda is colourful, whimsical, coordinated and  environmentally  friendly. It just makes me happy to look at it! 

Did I buy some fabric .. Of course 
Did I buy some kits for cushions and bags ... of course. 
Will I be swapping out one of my Chookshed Stitchers challenges for a Tilda Challenge ..of course OR may be I just add another one if that's not OK .  I will have to check up with the boss.

TONE  FINNANGER  ( Norway) Tilda designer and owner

Tone , her partner and 2 Green Zebras owners

Tone was very generous with her time and happy to meet everyone 

This is the one I would like to make

Line up ladies

Look who I found at the Tilda Jubilee .  Fiona , Marilyn and Shez 

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Shared Scrappy Quilt Finished.

 This past weekend I finished the baby quilt Bernie wanted me to make for his co-worker, Tegan . 

The baby boy, “Charlie “ arrived before I finished so his name was added. 

I have a love hate relationship with these scrappy quilts. It is a simple pattern but what  stresses me is organising all of the fabrics and choosing a border but I do like the finished result and the idea of all the friends contributing . 

I used my quilting machine to quilt it. It’s very basic and not that good but I’m still learning and she was happy with that.

I quickly learnt to check the back sooner rather than later as I had forgotten to do 2 petals . Ooops!

Friday 2 February 2024

Chookshed Stitchers 2024 Challenge 2 February

  Challenge  2 for February 

 This month I'm going to do an attic window quilt with a panel of a bear . My  husband  brought it back from Utah for me a couple of years ago. Hmm... looking at at the panel now I realize its horizontal  and an  attic window design  may not suit but I will be doing something with this panel. 

What do you think ?  I also have to use fabrics in my stash , it will be a challenge 


Thursday 1 February 2024

Friendship Drawstring Bag `Hatched and Patched’

 Chookshed Stitchers challenge 1 done and dusted. It’s amazing how we get things done when there is a challenge laid down. Just helps the motivation. Thanks Deana and Donna. I hope Annie doesn’t mind but I changed out the back bag fabric for another piece of Annie’s fabric that I love.

I was actually working on 2 projects this month, I now have finished the top of a crazy quilt (for a new baby gift) and have it on my quilting frame. 

When my grandchildren were born we had a baby shower and asked everyone to bring a fat quarter- well the variety of fabric you receive is crazy. Enough to send a quilter mad unless you love crazy quilts where you pick each piece out of a bag no matter whether it matches or not. That’s really not me. I am a bit of a ‘matching’ person. 

I then cut and laminated a scrap of each fabric and put the name of the contributor on it , place it in a little bag for the future. Even 10 years on my grandchildren look at and match their fabrics to their quilt. It’s amazing to see which people are still in their lives 10 years on. 

Friendship Drawstring Bag

A trip down memory lane my 2 completed  scrub stitching projects and the zip pouch is a copy of what I gave in the present swap. I’ll be all bagged up for this years trip.

The crazy baby quilt on the frame…today's job 

Monday 1 January 2024

Chookshed Stitchers Challenge

 Well I guess the first thing to do is find it?          SUCCESS.!!!  

One good thing is that I don’t have to choose the fabric ! 

 Let’s go Chookshed Stitchers !

Wednesday 27 December 2023

ChookShed Stitchers 2024 Challenge

Today the Chookshed  Stitchers zoom group got together and I made good choices thanks to the Deana and Donna duo. I am joining in the 2024 challenge and the ten projects I plan on working on are -

 1. Cloverdale House

 2. Attic Window bear

 3. English paper piecing
4. Panel Quilt 

5. New Zealand collected fabric quilt

6. Anni Downs Baradine Project 

7. Forest Friends Quilt

8. Christmas Stitchery
9. Tula Pink Project

 10. LLama quilt 

This is my list of challenges...whoa! it looks a lot but here we go. I may never surface from my sewing room..

Tuesday 21 November 2023


I was lucky enough to have two special visitors while I have been in hospital. Susan aad Cheryl called for a visit and brought coffee and chocolate. How lucky was I? You know that's the good thing about our blogger group. We started in Nundle years ago and we have picked up some on the way and everyone is kind and caring. I just love the connections made through our blog group we are even international. I thank our "Producer" Chooky, thats what I'm going to call her anyway ,is amazing in keeping the tribe motivated and in touch. Love you all . I am leaving hospital tomorrow and I am so happy about that. I have had excellent care here, the nurses and doctors cant help you enough. I met Cheryl twice since I've been in Brisbane, lucky me . The photo of Susn is not current but just so you know who im talking about.

Wednesday 15 November 2023

Paused for my back

From one set back to another - on November 7 (Melbourne Cup Day) I had surgey on my back to fuse L 4 and L5 vertebrae together to free my nerves to my legs which were being constantly squashed by arthritic degeneration and build up of boney growhhs. I'm now in my second week of recovery and currently in the Mater Private Hospital rehabilitation centre in Brisbane. I wasn't planning on being here this long but looks I'll be here until next Thursday /Friday. It's better every day but there is an issue with it bleeding. so until the little leak has stopped I'm stuck here. They will not risk infection. Also my left leg isn't doing so well and needs strength build up. The rehab centre here is very good and the staff are wonderful and kind. But " it is what it is " as they say. I'm just hoping for an early mark. Recently I started a group of stitcheries by Nikki Tervo about "Christmas Mice." I am trying hard to get into it but maybe tomorrow. I have done a couple now for thr third. Im sorry to be out of the loop a bit but I will be back once i feel better. I may not be commenting but I am watching.

Wednesday 9 August 2023


Well blog friends I have had my shoulder op now I'm out of action for 6 weeks.I completely tore the bicep off my shoulder and tore my rotor cuff, plus there was other wear and tear. I won't say it's not a bit sore . Ouch! But it's better every day. It's amazing how a bit of lipstick and a coffee outing can perk you up! I will be stalking you all butI may not comment yet as it's my right arm and I'm right handed. Happy sewing

Monday 24 July 2023

Still Learning

I am still learning on my new quilting machine. I have a few simple flimsys I have made with kids in mind so I have decided to use these for practice. I am hoping to get this finished before I am banished from sewing for about 12 weeks due to having a shoulder reconstruction. I am so not happy about it.

Thursday 6 July 2023

 I have just had the best week with these guys. It’s the first time they’ve stayed with us at home without their mum  and dad. We had golf buggy derbies, visited parks, played with cousins and went to see some fake snow at the Stanthorpe snowflake festival. We did some cooking and shared lots of grandma and poppy cuddles, just precious times.