Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Quilt for a Friend and grandchildren fun

 My workmates and I made a quilt for a friends 40th . She was having an Arabian knights theme party so that's what we made.  We all contributed either by sewing , fabric or money for quilting . It was a nice project to do together. 

Couldn't help sharing the second two photos of me and the grandies having some silly time. Hmm may be  that's why I haven't done much sewing lately.

Serena's 40th quilt

Fun at his 5th Birthday- midnight snacks  

Friday, 11 June 2021

Our Sewing Retreat

 Last weekend we went to Stacey's at The Gap where our sewing group gets away every year. It's a great place we are well looked after by Leonie and Mal . It's on the top of a range we call "Cunningham's Gap" near Warwick. The fire was raging in the big hall  and  the cottage can be a bit chilly but we are only there to sleep.  It's a great place I love it.

I worked on my " some kind of wonderful quilt but not many pictures to show as I have to unpick a section. I whipped up a couple  of  Jelly Roll Races. Not sure I was good at it as I couldn't deal with the dinosaurs being upside down. I'll share those soon.

This was Di's, I really liked it. The simplicity and colours got to me. 

This was Penny's, she is a proud indigenous woman and sews a lot with those colours and prints
This was one of my blocks finished. 
My first jelly roll race.
I really liked this spotlight pattern for a toiletries bag by Narlean .
Now for some nature. This was in the garden , a bromiliad , I think. The flowers unopened looked like claws that open into sweet flowers.

A big carpet python decided to keep us company much to my friend Sheena's disgust or fear. He was harmless though. Very unusual for him to be out and about on such a cold day in winter. he was about 7 foot long.

This is the main hall where we sew and eat..

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Scrub Stitch'n Baradine 2021

 Oh my gosh , so long since I've been here. I cant believe I haven't  blogged since January. I thought as you got older you got less busy , I seem to be busier than ever or just slower or something. Early April I went to Baradine quilt retreat with a lot of very lovely ladies. My room mate was Georgina who I have met a few times before so we got on very well and spent time reminiscing. 

I caught up with ladies I have met before and met some new people as well. Always good to add newbies to the quilting family. Donna was her amazing self,  organising us all down to the Nth degree but working so hard to put on a terrific weekend.. Thanks Chooky! What a great job you did.  Thank you Sandy from Shiralee stitches for the lovely EPP kits. and party favours.  It seems so long ago now and how I miss getting together with these ladies and my friend Chooky. 

The goodies in our retreat bag - how nice ( not the flowers)

My Lucky draw gift .. beautiful

My purchases from the retreat shop

Shiralee Stitches weekend project 

It's cuppa and chat time

Dress up for a little girls party - We always have one dress up and special dinner night.

The room 

There were many absolutely beautiful quilts but these two belonging to Janis really took my eye

Sunday, 21 March 2021

No Emails

 Sorry but I am not getting your comments in my email so I haven't responded to comments on my last two blogs . I will work on getting it fixed. I have read your comments though thanks ladies.

Saturday, 6 March 2021

Australia Day 2021

Australia Day is often celebrated with barbecue,a beer, a bit of cricket and a swim so here my family combined all three. Temporary swimming pool, what the ??? Yes in the back of his ute.... crazy son....The kids loved it of course! Sun safe, the quick shade over the ute parked at the park where they played cricket and had a barbecue . Te park was only three houses down from theirs and the water was used on the lawn so no waste. 

Love playing together at Macdonald's playground.

His favourite breakfast always at Oodies a lovely eclectic coffee shop .

Her favourite Chocolate milk. 

Better Late Than Never

 Today I got to finishing the flimsy for a couple of Christmas wall hangings. I've only ad them on my sewing table since  October  Shhh....They are so simple , why did they sit there so long?  I have also been working on my EPP project so I am achieving a little at a time. Co Vid is finally cooling it's heels a little and we have a couple of good weekends coming up. We visited the grand kids on the weekend , they are growing up all too fast.  Hope this finds all my blog friends happy and well. 

Love this print , I love the sparkle especially at Christmas.


Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Getting back into my sewing room.

 Today I have finished this quilt from "Laundry Basket Quilts". I bought this kit in 2017 when we went to USA for a friends wedding.  love the use of traditional and batik fabrics. 

I' m also trying to get some more of my Lucy Boston quilt done. It is very slow progress.

On the couch