Monday 24 June 2019

Retreat at Stacey's 2019

On the 14th June we headed to Stacey's at the Gap for our retreat. Sewing from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. We were totally waited on, it's up on top of the great dividing range at Cunningham's Gap near Warwick.  It's a very peaceful place. It was once an old school camp .  What more can you want friends, sewing , a fire and not a bit of housework to do. Thanks Leonie!

Cabins - very comfortable
                                                            The dining room 
                                                                   Coffee of course
All busy 

Gail finishing her monster quilt.
The scenery
Sheena finished her quilt and onto the stitchery
These two are the quilts I finished. The kits have been in the stash for a few years or more but not any more. Emma(DIL) tells me the fairy quilt is the same as one her nana made her sister when she was young but I assure you the kit is not that old, may be 5 years ....

An invitation to a Quilt Group

Just before our trip south ended we were called back to the north as my  mum in law had taken a turn for the worst. ( She is a little better now) We were in Atherton North Qld for a week.  During that time a friend asked me to go to her sewing group with her. Thank you Clair. It was a nice cheer up and the ladies were lovely. They were doing some lovely work. Sorry I cannot name all the ladies.

This quilt was being made for her granddaughter. Old doilies were used.. very sweet.

This quilt had a New Zealand Maori  flavour . The colour patches were cut out like paper lace and machine appliqued on. It was just beautiful and so neatly

For the Kids

Oh my gosh it has been so long since I have blogged, so sorry friends.  We just seemed to have a crazy year so far. Too much sadness and sickness...... but heads high and look to the future.

I had to share this - is this not what quilts are for?  Keeping you warm and cosy on a rainy day.

Last week I made these pillow cases for the kids.  They were a hit.