Sunday 21 March 2021

No Emails

 Sorry but I am not getting your comments in my email so I haven't responded to comments on my last two blogs . I will work on getting it fixed. I have read your comments though thanks ladies.

Saturday 6 March 2021

Australia Day 2021

Australia Day is often celebrated with barbecue,a beer, a bit of cricket and a swim so here my family combined all three. Temporary swimming pool, what the ??? Yes in the back of his ute.... crazy son....The kids loved it of course! Sun safe, the quick shade over the ute parked at the park where they played cricket and had a barbecue . Te park was only three houses down from theirs and the water was used on the lawn so no waste. 

Love playing together at Macdonald's playground.

His favourite breakfast always at Oodies a lovely eclectic coffee shop .

Her favourite Chocolate milk. 

Better Late Than Never

 Today I got to finishing the flimsy for a couple of Christmas wall hangings. I've only ad them on my sewing table since  October  Shhh....They are so simple , why did they sit there so long?  I have also been working on my EPP project so I am achieving a little at a time. Co Vid is finally cooling it's heels a little and we have a couple of good weekends coming up. We visited the grand kids on the weekend , they are growing up all too fast.  Hope this finds all my blog friends happy and well. 

Love this print , I love the sparkle especially at Christmas.