Sunday 25 August 2019

Nundle 2019

I just love going to Nundle it's one of my favourite places to sew, take a breath and just have some me time. This time I made this quilt from this lovely Australian wildflower fabric . The photos don't do it justice . When I have it quilted I will take some more photos. It actually has a very pale green and white background and the colours are so much more vibrant.

Without the border 

.                                                                     With the border

I really liked this one Amy did 

Book Week

I get so much fun out of watching the kids and Emma  dress up for book week. They looked so cute this year.
Evelyn went as Cindy Lou Who from "The Grinch". Colt was the from "The Pirate Who Wore Underpants." Although he insisted that pirates have belly buttons so he did not wear anything on his belly..Ha Ha. So you know who was snow white then.

2018 projects

  • Snow Bowl Fillers by Bonnie Sullivan- November
  • Christmas Heart By Bonnie Sullivan - October
  • Craft project - named trays- - September for August
  • Needle roll by Sue Spargo - September
  • Leanne's House - July
  • Liberty Zip Pouch- June
  • May - Taffy Apple Bag by Helen Stubbings
  • Love , friendship an Stitching zip pouch by Natalie Bird- April
  • 3 Easter rabbits- March
  • Cottage rose rabbit by Tilda- March
  • Giraffe Carry Bag 28 Feb 2018
  • Giraffe make up purse 2 march 2018

Catching Up

I have finally finished these two quilts which have been in my 
cupboard for a while part finished .
The purple is a cot quilt I bought in the US in 2014. So it will wait for a baby now. The other one is one I made with Kerry Swain at "Cottage On The Hill", Nundle.  It now belongs to my lovely sister, she has lots of blue in her house and I have none. It belongs there.

Sunday 11 August 2019

Some Time in my Sewing Room

A couple of weeks ago I finished this sashiko project. I enjoyed doing this as it was quick to take shape and gave a lot of effect.  I used some fabric I bought in New Zealand for the border.

I have recently got a new sewing space and I am still fiddling and moving things around as I do. This quilt has pride of place now. My friend Denice ( Denice's Day) from Michigan hand made this for me and I am so appreciative to have it.  Every day I hope to have one more opportunity to meet up with her . Until then I just have to be content with blogging , email 
and Instagram.

This is the little project bag I made today and it too has a story.  A couple of years ago Penny from our "Staceys at the Gap" retreat gave me this little piece of indigenous inspired fabric cut into a lizard shape. Penny herself is a proud indigenous woman and a great quilter. Isn't he is so cute?  After ages of moving him from one spot to the other, I said no more. So here we are...

Saturday 3 August 2019

My Sue Spargo Project

I have to say Sue Spargo is one of my favourite quilt artists, I love the happy, quirky subject matter and the bright colours of the wool, threads and braids she uses. 

I have finished this small kit project and I'm so pleased with it. 
My new window view and ready to make into the bag.
I added some seed beads on the wings, they look better than in the photo.