Wednesday 31 August 2022

When I entered the churn dash challenge I just knew I could not do a quilt so being practical I went for a table runner for my kitchen island. I also matched it with a quilt I have in the lounge which is visible from the kitchen. I used some of the same fabric as in the quilt for the block  centres.  I'm pleased with the results.  This is my churn dash journey.

I've also put up a picture of my "macadamia nut"  harvest . The only thing is they are very hard to crack , I really don't know how the cockatoos break them open. 

A little rustic quilting around the edges

Matches my flowers perfectly

My quilt 

The macadamia nut harvest . They have 2 shells a firm leathery one and then that cracks open to reveal a rock hard shell. I just have to crack them now