Friday 30 September 2016

Progress on the table topper

"Shiralee Stitches" project  "Lotus Table Topper "

I have made some more progress on the table topper.

Fun at Grandma and Boo Poppy's Lots of Family Photos

Macintyre in flood last week

Our river is high for the second time in a couple of weeks good for the system.

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Where is Colton.

His mum says it's a new trend for baby quilts .  Where's Wally Junior Edition ...ha ha 

Visit the Carnival of Flowers Toowoomba 2016


Meet my mum and dad.... 

My Dad has been in the timber industry most of his life. He loves nature and trees so I hugged one with him ..just for fun. He is 79 and 9 months .....and I love him to bits.


 love it when I come home from a weekend away and Spring has come to my garden. The May bush has burst into snowy blooms. It never lasts long but I love it.

With the Most Important People Again...

Nothing more to say, really.......So Happy

Saturday 10 September 2016

Lotus table Topper

I feel like I am making some progress with my "Shiralee Stitches" project  "Lotus Table Topper "if nothing else .