Wednesday 29 November 2017

A little bit of Christmas

I'm not having a big tree this year but I had to put up my new decorations that I bought in Michigan. I watched a little birdie just like this in Denice's garden.
And this is the reason why , my great nieces having fun. 
Always say if you cant make it, fake it -  snow and fire
  ha! ha!

Colton's Christening Bib

Our little boy is getting Christened this weekend.  I got to make his bib.  

Thursday 23 November 2017

Finale of my Trip to America - Blogger Heaven

I began with Blogger heaven because as you know I  had the most wonderful time with my blogger friend and her husband in Lowell Michigan. Denice and I have been blog friends for a long time now and it is almost as if we knew each other anyway. I had the best time ,we got on as if we had coffee every week. But of course it was a blog or an email, a virtual coffee. 

 I know now when we talk at least half of this blog friendship will know exactly where my friend is when she is writing to me, a little about her view out the back door and a little about her life on the other side of the world. I just wish we could have coffee together every week or two.   Thank you Denice for sharing you friends, family and town.

Sewing and show and tell with the girls in Lowell Michigan USA

Taking selfies- I'm not good at it though. ha ha

Playing tourist was lots of fun 
The Lowell Museum provided an interesting look at the past and I had an excellent personal guide. 

Lowell was a fur trading town in it's early days

The show boat provided entertainment for the area with some famous performers on its stage.

I would love to ride in a sleigh like this one !

Buttons were made from the large shells found in the river.

Flour sacks were printed during hard times for women to use for cloth.
Some items from the past, glad this little black and white fellow wasn't for real.

Red Barnes a trademark

Autumn Leaves- just beautiful colours 
A journey to Lake Michigan one of Michigan's five great lakes. I could not believe it was freshwater looks so like the beach. 

Access to the beach - not for everyone though

I don't remember what d said but it must have been funny. 

Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids .  Sculpture gardens, green house and Christmas display .

The American Horse- an exact replica of Michael Angelo's Milan horse. 

I love this sculpture we should all this in the park- just relax 

The Christmas trees of the world display- even one  for Australia

I got to put a decoration on.

To end a perfect holiday I woke up to snow on my last morning 

Friends forever

                                           In Denice's  garden = Cardinal bird 

Red breasted woodpecker

Some of Denice's' quilts 

One she made for me -  I am very Lucky

School Bus

Denices' first experience with Vegemite! 


My first experience with pop corn off the cob and I loved it !

To end a perfect holiday , 
I woke up to e scattering of snow- how beautiful! How lucky was I ?

The end to an amazing holiday ,I hope you were not to board sharing it with me. Back to the usual blogs now .. take care.  Once again a huge thank you to my dear friends in Michigan.