Thursday 23 August 2012

Pin Cushions

Our local quilt group had a pin cushion day. So I made a couple to take along. You might recognise one of them. Yes , I actually made another paper pieced pin cushion. Much easier the second time around. 

We had a fun day, everyone bought along their pincushions to display. We had some interesting ones from the very first one a lady made at school - the old pressure pack lid and fabric . To a beautiful old crochet one that belonged to one lady's husband's grandmother. 
  We also have a project where we have been given 12  embroideries to make something with wether we use all or them or one of them. I used one of them to make a pin cushion.   

My embroidered pin cushion

A range of pin cushions

From Anette's garden 

A very old pin cushion the little basket opened to reveal a tape measure and thimble- so cute

Sunday 12 August 2012

Terrence the Tin Tent

"Terrence the Tin Tent"  well at least that is what Mr Bird calls our new caravan. This is a first for us we are so excited.   So on the weekend we went to Nindigully Pub to try it out. About 158 Kms . 
We had a fantastic time. Beaut spot to camp on the Moonie River. 

For those who are Australian Movie  Buffs there was a movie made her called "Boomarang Cafe" . The Nindigully pub was the setting for many scenes.  I might add there is nothing else in this remote place except the Nindy Gully Pub,

They are famous for the biggest burger.  The "Road Train" burger.  4 of us decided to share one but we could not eat it all, but we made a fair hole in it !   

We met our friends and headed west

First stop Talwood 

Second NindiGully Pub

A fine selection of well worn Akubras on the pub wall.

I wish I had my camera these reflections are from my phone - beautiful Western Qld River

There was about 40 campers there.

Tea by the river - not what they were drinking last night Ha !Ha !

Our caravan's ours is on the right.
Barbe breakfast 

Relaxing by the Moonie with my friend Lib.
The famous burger

We ordered it !

We pretended to eat it 

Burger , Onion rings and of course chips !

One quarter each  mmmmm.......couldn't eat it all 

Couldn't eat it like a burger either! Oh well  a bit of fun and very well priced!

And it was cold! But the tea was great !!!!

Friday 10 August 2012

Quiet Times

I have had little chance to sew lately so I thought I would share this with you. I was in Bundaberg Spotlight recently and a lady was doing a demonstration of this technique. She was machine stitching and collaging many fabric pieces using fancy stitches on her sewing machine onto some thick vylene. then she was making them into bags. Quite clever I thought.... I hope you are all finding time to do what you love. Hopefully some progress next week.