Wednesday 28 February 2018

Giraffe Carry Bag

This little kit has been in my stash a couple of years so as I am on my mission to get things happening  I joined Peg and Kris's OPAM  one project a month.  I just got my first project in on time. I loved this bag when I saw it, I think it was the giraffes.  The fabric is quite heavy and the red giraffe is actually coloured in. I used a fabric marker for that.  The straps coming from the side and  the base  which was a little different for me. It was quick and easy and I don't know why I hadn't already done it.

"Stitch between the Bridges" is in Tamworth . Its a lovely shop and they have lots of great ideas. They make up a lot of patterns for their displays too.

Monday 26 February 2018


Baking is a bit like my sewing of late.... haven't done much at all. Yesterday was an exception. My good friend Steph was having a birthday and sadly packing her house to move to Brisbane since her partner has a job there now. ... So a  birthday while  moving house surely deserves a cake and dinner? We will miss them both. They are like our adopted kids. So sad they are moving.

chocolate mud cake 

Sunday 25 February 2018


Today I spent most of the day in my sewing space. Its been a long time. I worked on Foxly Village. So pleased to have all the blocks together and now its time for the border. I just love this quilt and it's bigger than I thought. This is the second quilt  where I have used  the needle turn applique technique. I think I am finally getting it.!  The quilt design is by Natalie Bird and I have mainly used Tilda fabric.

Ta Da!

Battery Fire

This is what happens when the battery to run the fridge in the back of your ute (pick-up) catches on fire. The fridge was not on, don't really know why it caught on fire. B was very upset about his car, but was calm enough to climb up next to the 4 foot high fire and explosion ,with battery acid spitting everywhere, reach the extinguisher and put it out. Lots of damage to the inside of the well but not to the actual car just the back well. This may put our planned caravan trip in April 9th in doubt but we will see.  B said he was just driving along looked in the rear view mirror and saw a huge fire in the back tray. He couldn't believe it.  He burnt his hand and gave us both a big fright but in the end it can all be fixed and thank god he was driving a diesel and not a petrol car. Rule no one , carry your fire extinguisher in the front of the ute from now on. I have a lot to be thankful for this week.


Our fridge
The canopy is no longer
After much cleaning
I think the fridge is no longer.

Comfy Chairs

These chairs, sold as leather are really pretty fake, the so called surface is sort of spayed on and does not tolerate the heat, there is some old ugly looking leather underneath. The finish was so thin it just peeled off.  BUT  they were too comfy to throw out so they have been in my outdoor area for ages.  Yesterday they got some new seat covers to freshen them up!  Two different styles but that's ok they are out side. Had the fabric for ages, so tick to using up the stash. Whoops should have moved the bin.. ha ha !

Friday 9 February 2018

Blog Header

 I thought I had better explain my blog header when Denice  from Denice's Day recognised  her quilts.
After my trip to the USA recently I decided to show some pictures in my blog header to remind me of the awesome time I had.

Remember this super cool lady I visited. Well the two quilts in the header are are hers. She spotted them the other day.. Surprise ! They were truly lovely. and I felt like a little girl again in my fairy bed it was beautiful. Thanks again to my wonderful  friend from across the miles.

Just hanging Out

Recently I had a trip to the Tropical North. This is Holloway's beach  just North of Cairns. on a cloudy rainy day unfortunately but that is the tropics in summer. Australia has a lot of monsoon rain this summer. Basically you are looking right out to the Great Barrier reef from here.

 I have to share these photos. E decides every time we talk face to face phone style we use messenger and there are these buttons on the bottom that put images over you face. She does it all the time and thinks it's so funny. There are fire breathing photos and all crazy things.  They can do everything on phones these kids. She and B were up north and L and my great niece and I were at home the two of them were in on the action. Little pic is of my niece and big pic is of E. She looks such a baby here compared to other photos.  They laughed and laughed. I love these tow though!

Monday 5 February 2018

Still working on Foxly Village

I have almost finished The Foxly Village blocks. 
Just a little more stitching and then I will show you them all.