Wednesday 25 April 2012

Spending at Annie's

I thought I would share what I purchased at Annie Downs' shop earlier in the month. I guess it was pretty silly to say I had been and not shown my loot.   No promises on  how long it is going to take to complete the projects though. 

Some lovely linen at the back, a quilt kit (Laura's Quilt), always fat quarters of course (Annie's own design fabrics), a sunglasses case kit and a kit for the cute little sewing bag. Just love kits they are always complete even years later ha..ha.. 

" Ring of Roses" A finished project designed by Sue Daley 

Right where it should be 
I just love this "BIRDILICIOUS" necklace from Elk my lovely friend Steff gave me for my birthday. I think "the bird"  is beginning to get a thing for the little featured fellows. My garden is full of rainbow lorakeets at the moment, but they are too swift for a close up photo to show you.  

Happy Sewing , Happy Life Everyone!

Pass on the Spirit

Lest We Forget 

This ANZAC day was a special one. For the past few years the very elderly RSL Ladies Auxiliary women of our community have been very concerned as to who would dress the war memorial every year. They were so ...impressed  when I took 9 younger ladies from years 8-12 from our school to assist them with the task and to learn how to do this for  future years. One of the ladies had been doing this job for over 50 years, that is true community service.  Perhaps now they can be relieved that the spirit will live on in the young people of the community. 

Sunday 8 April 2012

A Visit to Annie Down's Shop " The Home Patch"

Well girls I am another year older as from last Wednesday so Mr. Bird very nicely decided to take me to Bathurst to shop at one of my favourite designer's stores. I was in Patchwork Heaven. I think I spent 2 hours dreaming at Annie Downs' shop,"The Home Patch."  I  was able to say hi to her and we had a chat about Nundle. That was lovely.  She is such a nice person.  I think I spent more than my birthday allocation.... Oh Well!

Loved Bathurst , the weather was perfect and the Autumn leaves were just so...ORANGE...

Hope you have all had a Happy Easter and enjoyed it the way you like to do best. 

Portland- so many very old houses compared to Queensland

Autumn is here- Portland

I had a Malvern Star bicycle

Hmm....Orange almost ....

Its nice to see sheep- there was so many around Goondiwindi once- not anymore

I was paper piecing on my travels..

 There  was a group of motor enthusiasts staying at the same motel as us and they  were retracing  a journey from one hundred years ago from Sydney to Perth. After travelling in these oldies all day I bet they were glad their accommodation wasn't 100 years old...

This old girl had an Arizona number plate- just a beautiful piece of work 

Imagine riding this from Sydney to Perth

Finally Annie Downs' shop "The Home Patch"

Inside Annie's shop

The entrance

It was an old stables - its just lovely

There's Beauty in age remember that ladies....

Finally thank you to Sandy N who made this very beautiful pin cushion for me and guess what it is from some of Annie's fabrics . By the way SandyN wants us to notice the hand made Tassel.... Lovely Sandy Thank you.

Monday 2 April 2012

Girls Day In The Country Weekend

What a fantastic weekend. It was everything and I expected, wanted and would like to have been. I spent a lovely weekend in Nundle. The guest tutor was Sue Daley. I think I could get into paper piecing . I shared a table with Allsion , Trish,  Jenny , Chris and Sandy. Had dinner with Chooky, Anita and others , shared a room with a new friend Maree. 
 It was so much fun. Lunch at the pub, drinks on the lawn, Dinner at Mt Misery.  

Friday night the trunk show ( Sue showing her beautiful work) in the old hall. Saturday  GDITC at the Nundle town hall. So many ladies all enjoying a day of stitching and learning and of course chatting .  Thanks to Kerry Swain and her helpers for organising it all.
 The best thing is meeting up with many of my blogger friends.

I am off with hubby for a day or two and Annie's shop at Bathurst is on the itinerary. mmm....

Sandy having a cackle with Dale and Peg

Three chooks

Clam shell  roll  by Sue Daley

Hexi keepsake box by Sue Daley

This is my dream quilt

A project by Sue Daley I am currently working on

The chooks having a ride on the Rover , may be they will pick all the bugs off.
Can't wait until next year. Thanks to all the ladies I met up with for such a fun weekend.