Saturday 25 March 2023

Sheffield- Steamfest

The Sheffield SteamFest is held every year on this long weekend in Tasmania. ( The 8 hour day weekend) What a great few days , the largest display of working steam vehicles in Australia. Tractors, trains, boats and more. We volunteered there for the last 3 Days of our ' Tasmania trip. The photos are very random but you’ll work them out I’m sure. Sheffield is also noted for its murals , there are so many of them around the town but I am only posting a few.

Friends we travelled with. Tony and Pam 
Horse and carriage rides were popular

“Wee Georgie “ was transported from the west coast to Sheffield for this day. 

If you ever get to this strange weird and wonderful shop you must stop and read the hand written signs. 
It’s a shop selling mainly old music and some other things. It will really make you laugh.  For example a whole row of beautiful but unwrapped soaps. The sign says … “ Don't lick the soap”??? What ??  Well it appealed to my sense of humour anyway.

Found this one driving down the Main Street

This young girl about 14 was just amazing she was learning the steam engine trade with her dad.

Tuesday 7 March 2023

Ross Tasmania

 Ross is in the Midlands on the Macquarie River. Most buildings are circa 1824- 1835 ’ish . Ross is classed as a historic town and has many original sandstone  buildings. I love this town ‘ walking down the elm and oak lined streets makes you feel like you are living in another time. A time when things didn’t move so fast and were life was simple. Although I don’t think it was so for the many convicts who worked here. Many female convicts who were on probation and had babies were sent here to the female factory in 1847.

Hubby checking on one of his companies trucks 


The stone. In these old convict buildings must have stories to tell. So many chisel marks 

The Ross Barracks 

This is along the banks of the River a nice path to walk

The plaque says for lovers of the past and future 

The barracks door

The bridge here is very famous and still used for all traffic today 

Again the convict markers on all buildings and structures made by them 

This beautiful Anglican Church on the hill is apparently for sale sad 

The bakery of course ! 


I’m so sorry for so many photos , some of you may not want to download them so if you don’t I will be back to normal blogging from about the 20th march .I’m using this as my travel blog until then . 

Oh boy today is like a blizzard here the wind is howling. They predict 55k/hr winds or 30 knots . I’m going to huddle in my van and read or sew. I just hate it when  the wind gets up like this. Apparently on the coast its really bad. Glad I’m inland.

I just had to compare the next two houses in the historic town of Ross before we left.

The old 


The new Ha Ha its a wonder the council haven’t told them to take it away. It’s lovely , lots of work but so different . It is however on the outskirts of town.. Give it to them for creativity

Today we travelled to Sheffield to be ready for “ Steamfest” . It is a long weekend here.  The boys are going to volunteer for a couple of days. On the way we passed by Railton . So many topiary trees and many more I didn’t photograph.

Lots of trimming required I think 

The soldiers standing by the flagpole.