Friday 30 August 2013

Beautiful Unexpected Surprise

It has been very busy in my life this last week and a half. 

 A beautiful week though because look how it ended up......

Not much sewing .... I had to drive myself all over the place..... no stitching ... I think I will have to ask Chooky for a pass on my SAL.

Friday  23rd  August - to Brisbane  ( 4 Hours)   Catch up with a dear friend and fit in watching dear friends daughter play a  game of hockey. 

Go see the antique quilt display at the Queensland Art Gallery. It was amazing, I love the stories, sorry no photos allowed..... but I did buy a lovely book about the quilts.

Saturday 24th   drive  to Sunshine Coast
My youngest Aunty, Ros was 60.....big party.....Much fun and catch up.

Aunty Ros and hubby  Gary

2 of my beautiful nieces, a teacher and a nurse...don't know where that green thing on my head came from... LOL 

My other beautiful niece  ... office work

A beautiful sunrise....not often I see it over the ocean from home.
 Sunday  25th August -  Breakfast at the beach ..... Drive Home  6 hours ........don't know why ... love the beach.....  

WEDNESDAY  28th  August 2013       BIG   SURPRISE 

Arriving a little earlier than expected 

Another  6  hour plus  drive....... . For this special little girl.     

I drove again stitching ........  

  They say that new borns don't smile but I think she was glad to see her grandma.......

With her beautiful mum

proud dad and grandad

Of course I had to have lots of cuddles

And of course when visiting hours were over, there was shopping......

Monday 26 August 2013

A picture for you

Could this be us one day?????? 

Mr Bird sent me this photo today . I had to add the caption.  What would you write? 

Monday 19 August 2013

Baby Things

Haven't had a lot of time to sew lately.

I have finally finished binding my 2 baby quilts , a (Beatrix Potter in June blog ) and  a quilt I made from a Riley blake layer cake pack.  But I can't show you because somehow I deleted the photos...grr....

I am trying out these pram liners now. I think they fit well,  just have to add buttonholes to allow for the straps. I think it's in the pram wrong way up... but lovely son took it home and sent me the photo... 

Only a couple of weeks until the arrival of "grape"  (the given name for the growing baby.)

 This grandma can hardly exciting.

Fabric - a gift from my friend Gail cute

Now it is a pram liner......