Tuesday 31 July 2018


Mungindi on the Border on the Barwon...
Mungindi is uniquely situated on both sides of the NSW and Queensland Border on the eastern side of Australia. Divided by the Barwon River, it is the only border town in the Southern Hemisphere with the same name in two states.
Situated on the Carnarvon Highway which links Melbourne with Darwin, Mungindi is located 120km north west of Moree, 120klms south of St George and 150kms south west of Goondiwindi. This makes it the connecting point of four Shires.
The One Ton Post, believed to be the largest survey peg in Australia, was erected by Mr. John Cameron in 1881. It marks the completion of two long years of surveying the 29th parallel, forming the border between NSW and QLD. The One Ton Post stands where the 29th parallel meets the Barwon River.
The Central Business District is located in NSW, but uniquely there are two Police stations, one in each state. The Schools, with the exception of the Community Pre-School, are in NSW. The Hospital is situated on the Queensland side. In 2006, the town opened its Rural Transaction Centre, incorporating many local services and businesses under one roof.
Mungindi has a population of approximately 700 people, with the district producing wheat, cotton, wool, beef and sheep. The community is becoming renowned for its enthusiasm in bringing world class Festivals and Events to the local area. 
We took Mum and Dad for a drive with us and had a great day.

I am calling Bernie the post man here since he would not come out for a photo
NSW side ...this Mr Cameron is  also the man the famous Cameron's Corner is named after.
QLD side 

Thallon Silos

There is a little town, or some might say, village, 190 km west of Goondiwindi. Like many little towns tiny towns, they are finding it hard to survive.  A lovely lady who was once a teacher there worked to get Thallon on the map. Painted Silos, like the ones in the south of the country. (I have talked about them on my blog before.) After the silos come along "Willy the Wombat".  Kids can even climb on him as one side has rock climbing holds.  Shh!!   not just kids when I was there last Saturday I saw a lady who would have been 60 climb upon his back... what fun .. being a kid again.

Of course these things plus the pub and the river have attracted the grey nomads in their caravans and others. Lunch at the pub is good too.  There is a good story on the ABC Australian story about this little place. Worth a look. 
Thallon Silos
Close up of the sheep 
and the Rosellas
and here is Willy the Northern Hairy nose wombat an animal on the endangered list
His kid friendly side 
The Thallon pub

Sunday 22 July 2018

All in a weekend -Sue Spargo Project begins and so does Hockey

When I was in Houston I saw Sue Spargo and bought some projects from her. It has taken me this long to get the confidence to try to start them.  This one is the beginners project.. the needle roll. I was pleased with my first circle. 

Our little girl started Hockey this was her first game.
And of course the little boy had to have a go as well, but not in the class of course.
What Ev does Colton does... well he tries to anyway. They are growing so fast 

Friday 20 July 2018

May be Sorted

I have tried your suggestion Shez .   Could  someone  leave me a comment to see if it works please.
Do your grand kids  like selfies?  Mine love them but it's hard to get a serious face .

Thursday 19 July 2018

No Comment

Hi Ladies

Now I have joined Denice's club I can only see your comments on my blog.

 They are not being emailed to me.   ANY HELP APPRECIATED  . 

Thank you Janis, Denice, Susan and Shez for your comments.

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Leanne's House Finished

After a few years in the cupboard as a quilt top I have finally finished this lovely quilt. It is Leanne's house by Leanne Beasley. This is my OPAM for July a complete finish . Hope this is allowed Peg.

I am trying to teach myself how to machine quilt. I am quite pleased with it although it is not perfect.

This is going to be finished now!
 The journey starts 

 Whoops a thread in the photo 

Monday 9 July 2018

Bernie's Panel

Last time Bernie traveled to the USA he brought home 3 panels. This is the second one made up, just have to quilt it now .

Sunday 8 July 2018

Quilt Show Purchases

Had a great weekend at the Sydney quilt show. I had a little spend up. Not fabric though are you not proud of me. Better still I have made up one project already .

Some little Wendy Williams projects to take in the caravan  and one big project. 
Some tools and stitching
These are great to stop the ruler slipping 
This is one of the best things , a little light for my machine to add extra light, I am sure as you get older you need one of these.

Saturday 7 July 2018


I just loved this Liberty and linen zip pouch ( details later)
I have even finished making it. 


I love my geraniums these are some of my newer ones and they are all flowering madly at the moment. They love our mild winter weather here.They have a morning sun spot 
protected from the strong western sun.
This one is like a little rose bud so cute