Wednesday 26 October 2011

Act your Age

I thought this might give everybody a laugh. especially you Chooky! Hope it is not too big to download. I am the green one.      Transform yourself....... back to some sewing next week. Thanks to my friend  in Blue,  Kathy for making the movie and our friend Steve for videoing it . The expressive arts week at our school is an amazing cultural event. All staff dress up on day one and every year the competition is bigger and better. The week is full of visiting artists, arts craft , music , dance , debating, burning poetry nights, stunt bikes and jugglers . Big Fun and exhausting. School is back to reality this week .
Our staff room decided to make a movie because we decided it would be too embarrassing for us to "park" ( at the end of the movie ) on stage in front of 400 teens. We may never get up .....

Saturday 15 October 2011

Transform Me

In my life as a teacher one of the craziest weeks of the year is expressive arts week. this is a week full of fun, art and culture. Each year we have a theme and for one week every lunch hour and break is full of fun activities. I think the girls in Art have topped it this year with the timetable of events. The week begins with all the teachers dressing up. Because I am a member of the art staff room we get pretty heavily involved.  We have spent many hours after work this week preparing........ Here is a snippet , more to follow after opening day Tuesday. I am sure I am too old for this ..LOL....

My Blog Story

I was a blog stalker, Kerry at Nundle and Designers like Rosalie and Leanne B, mostly I checked out Kerry's favourites and loved reading about what the ladies who love patchwork and stitching were up to. I have been to GDITC for four years but this year was different..........

 We were all at dinner and there was a real buzz. Then someone suggested all the bloggers identify themselves. It was exciting actually seeing the writers of the blogs I had been reading. The the amazing Chooky visited our table and convinced me to sign up. Email me as as soon as you get home and I will help you get started she said... well here I am and loving it.

 Oh, she also said you will have to think up a name so on our 5 hour drive home through flooded creeks and over very wet gravel roads and some slipping and sliding through alternate routes the name Bird on the Border was born............ I live on the Qld NSW border and I do love to see all the birds in my garden in the early morning. 

The ones making the most noise at the time was a pair of beautiful Kookaburras. You could set your clock by them morning and evening the picture. Goondiwindi means resting place of the birds so Bird on the Border was born.

Thursday 6 October 2011

Family Weekend

Bargara Beach 

 What a nice weekend we have just had. Visiting our son and his fiance. Fish and chips on the beach with the complimentary seagulls, a little shopping ,a little dining. Sorry about the picture quality they were from my phone. It's cold and  raining  here today.  I cant believe it is October feels like winter. 

Bargara  Beach 
Everything looks so green after the rain.