Wednesday 14 November 2012

A Little Creativity.

Stef ,Gail and I had a visit with Kerry at the "Cottage on the Hill

Twin quilts for my new twin bedroom when I redecorate  - bad photo they are very blue in real life

Our Senior art show was last night.  My niece was a model in this one . Very clever with photography...She was body painted then then an  image was projected and the photo taken...pretty cool.

This is one of her works- clever it is milk in paint.

This is another - folds of sheer fabric photographed in a special way - looks like an insect I think....may be ribs?

This is another of her works where she is a tribal bride...... I am so lucky to have  such a lovely and talented niece.

Many young people are so talented. I think I am lucky to work with them every day.... 

My sewing Bits and Bobs by Natalie Bird are almost complete. The cup bag still to be lined.

A sneak peek at a project from you know who....
Finally I leave you with another art work.. Ladies how would you like this in your laundry.......??????