Monday 28 January 2013

Sewing in the Rain

Yesterday I spent the day sewing ..... so nice sewing in the rain, doesn't happen that often.  I am in the SAL group this year, that will keep me from making excuses for sewing I guess . I made this lovely shoe bag. The pattern in by Anni Downs. I love Anni's work she is one of my favourite designers.  

Sometimes when I clean up my sewing room, which I might add often needs it, I get crazy ideas like cut up all the little scraps into one and a half inch squares or 2 inch squares. I actually had an opportunity to use them with this project.

All neatly stored in this little heart tin.

Notice the little frill of joined pieces... so cute. 
I think every girl should have shoe bags ...


Emma's parents next door neighbours house- Bundaberg 
It is so wet here . The rain started Australia Day evening and it is still raining. It was extremely heavy all day yesterday but today its just raining. All the roads in and out are cut so the road is quiet. My son is in Bundaberg but dry at the moment but not so for his wife's parents whose house is in the flood area. Their house is high so hopefully it won't come up that far.  My son is on the North side of Bundaberg and they have been ordered to evacuate so hopefully it won't get to their home but they do have to get out......We are  just waiting and worrying .. like many others .

Goondiwindi - our garden

Goondiwindi - our front yard 
These are some photos of my place.  Just nice and wet........

I just wish some of this rain would travel further west to those who need it and to the fire areas.  My thoughts are with all of those in trouble with these natural disasters.

These were early this morning its starting to rain really heavily again now. 1.00pm

Our house

Australia Day


What a lovely day it was.... the rain began at about 6.00 pm and by 9.00 it was pouring ending a great day. We really needed the rain but now I am an island we have had so much. About 8 inches and it is still raining. A lot of local flooding and all roads in and out are closed.  

We shared Australia Day with some  friends, we had roast lamb, lamingtons, Tim Tams and of course home made meat pies. We played cricket and watched cricket and generally told stories and had lots of fun.
Lamb For Many

Proud to be Australian

Home made meat pies .... don't mind the mix of  bought home made pie tins  ha..ha... Had Mr. Bird making forming them while I was cutting pastry.

Wednesday 23 January 2013


I am busy trying to work on my English paper piecing. I am "trying " to make "Chelsea"  by Sue Daley.......  I am using the yo yo maker template for the first time . I think I will need a few goes to perfect  them.

Holidays are over ... back to work........  Oh well, I have to have money to buy fabric......... LoL...


Wednesday 16 January 2013

Quilt Challenge

 Our quilt group had a challenge to use the four prints at the back, blue, spot,orange and green to create any project we wanted, there was not a lot of fabric. We could add one fabric of our own, I chose the novelty print with the quilt lady. The backing could be our choice mine was the tape measure fabric, I found this fabric a long time ago and never really knew what to do with it. Finally it has a role to play....   I guess that what happens when we have a stash.
Thanks to Natalie Ross I decided my fabrics would make "Retreat Seat"

I am sure I can use it at Nundle. 

Quilt Group Challenge 

The seat - to be filled with a cushion .....

Fill the pockets with the necessities 

The layout

Sunday 6 January 2013

Little Things

Today I found some time in my sewing room, over Christmas it had become the general storage area.  Today I reclaimed it. Although I have lots of UFO's I could have worked on I decided to make a thread catcher as in Chooky's stitch along. I had some cute fabric just made for the job!

cute fabric

Then I got on and finished this little cup bag by Natalie Bird from the Stitchers Dream Day out in Toowoomba Last September. I ended up giving away the first little bits and bobs bag to our lovely Emma to begin her sewing journey so I thought I should make another to match the cup bag.....and then use the scraps to make a patched thread catcher...  Overall a cute little set.  I just love matching sets. 

Then matching fever just got me and I had to make another little stitching purse to match the cute thread catcher............

 It was just fun playing around....

Today I spare a thought and say a prayer for all our friends needing rain for drought or fires ......