Monday 28 August 2017

True Love

I think when your husband is visiting San Francisco,  Enid, Oklahoma and Salt lake City on a work trip  and finds time to stop by 2 patchwork shops and buys you fabric... that's true love. I love him to bits.  I am grateful every day that I married him 35 years ago. Look what he chose for me...I just love it all. I was so surprised !!
2  half yard pieces 
This is a beautiful panel.. I love the colours and I love the bison
These  blue /grey panels are  just awesome, the way the landscape is a part the animal. I will have to look for some fabrics to use with them.


Bernie has just arrived home from his trip to the US and bought some cute gifts for me.

Monday 21 August 2017


Queensland silver wattle 

Golden WattleAcacia Pycnantha. (plant family: Mimosaceae). Floral Emblem of Australia
On the Goondiwindi to Millmeran  road on the  the Gore Highway . The wattle grows madly between late July and  late September

Look out Chickens here Come the Kids

We had a big family weekend. My niece was engaged. All the big cousins and little cousins visited and camped on our block . The kids had a ball driving in the buggy and checking out the chooks. 15 little ones oldest 8 youngest 4 months.

Thursday 10 August 2017

A Lovely Weekend with Friends Fires and Drinks

Our very dear friends from Brisbane came out for their country visit. We ate and drank far too much but what a nice night. The pizza oven was baking, the outdoor fire  smoldering and even the inside fire place was alight for later. It was lovely and cold .  Sadly that may be it , the forecast is for 33 C next week ... could be swimming in winter? I did finish another Lucy block last night but no photos.sorry.