Thursday 26 December 2013

The Day "AFTER" Christmas

Thank you to all my blog friends who sent Christmas messages and to those I sent wishes to twice, sorry, not meaning to harass but I didn't really know who I returned mails to and who I didn't. So no need to reply if you were one of those lovely people. 

My day started with a lovely American style breakfast as my SIL in American, maple syrup pancakes and bacon...mmm.  then present time, I was so spoilt.

My SSCS present was one of the first to be opened....Thanks so much Isabel.

I hope you all had a nice day.  I was a bit worried about Denice (my SSCS friend) today as I was watching the news I heard that her area  was out of power in the cold conditions. Hope all is Ok with you Denice.

We have had a lovely Christmas with my BIL and his family. Plenty of yummy food, cool weather and time with family.

Thank you to Isabelle, my SS  for her beautiful gift. I really loved it. Finally time to open.

Opening my SSCS

A beautiful stitchery organiser / holder, 2 cup cake place mats and a beautiful piece of fabric to make something for Evelyn.
I really love the fabric used for the pocket. Lovely sayings on it.

                                                     My lovely parcel . I love the way the stitchery organiser folds up to become nice and compact...great for travelling. 

Fabric for Evelyn. Notice the little sparkles. So cute!

I think I will share a cup of tea with Isabel 
I think my SIL and niece know my favourite colour is orange. they really spoilt me.

One advantage of spending xmas with my BIL is there are plenty of mangoes, his son in law grows them. mmmm...

Breakfast , lunch and dinner.

I think Evelyn just loves her Daddy ...a kiss for Christmas..Thanks Emma for the photo .

Sunday 22 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my blog friends and their families. I hope you all enjoy time with family and friends and a little time for yourself too. 

Thanks again  Isabela for the lovely stocking. Santa might fill it for me ..

Monday 16 December 2013

A quilt finish and a room reno.

Evelyn just loves this dress up .......

Today I finished this little quilt.. ..just in time for Christmas

The basic quilt technique  is by "Julie Latcham". Our quilt group did a workshop a few weeks ago. I created the snow man design just as something young and cute for Evelyn.

I have been trying to rearrange and re decorate an old boring spare room into something more child friendly. Air conditioning, a new trundle bed, with storage,  Josh's old cot and some colourful decals will do the job.  I have been wanting to change this room for a few years, its amazing how a little person can motivate you to get the job done.

After 27 yrs  Josh's cot is revived.

A new bed and a few  peel off decals transform  the room.

I just love this cute little chest of drawers the colourfulness of them

My friends Gail and Jo gave me this beautiful advent train for driving them to Nundle.

Have a nice day everyone , Hope your Christmas preparations are going well.

Friday 13 December 2013


If your reading my blog.... please excuse it as I tried to make a change and as you can see I did not do a good job.  More work on it tomorrow .....

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Secret Santa Sleigh Arrives from Portugal

Today my SSCS parcel arrived from Isabel,  Kraftier K   from Portugal. Thank you so much Isabel  you don't have to worry anymore.   I can hardly  wait until Christmas.

Check out the box 

It's open

I think I am so spoilt 4 parcels .....Thank you.

With a beautiful card 

A beautiful decoration....I love it and it is so well done 

The other side of the stocking 

Hanging in my fire place ... Isn't it lovely

The card on my card hangers 

2 exciting things happened today ... My SSCS arrived and Evelyn rolled over to find the presents  of course. I am so lucky the lovely Emma sends me a photo every day . Technology is wonderful when you are a grandma living far away.

Whoops back on my tummy again. Life has just become a little more interesting.

This is displayed in my friend Gail's living room.... beautiful

I know if you live in the snow it must be very difficult and cold, but when you live here and it is so hot at Christmas, this is what dreams are made of.  It's that "Grass is always Greener " thing.

Sunday 8 December 2013

It Feels Like Christmas

What a nice day today. A friend of mine , Julie, who always says she wants to quilt and never gets time......sound familiar.....  So we finally got started today.  It was her birthday yesterday, so Mr Bird cooked us a beautiful breakfast and then he went to golf. So we sewed all day.... Julie has hers all cut out ( a mini heat quilt)  and I almost finished Evelyn's Christmas quilt which I started in the workshop a couple of weekends ago.   Been a bit bad posting lately so this is a big one I am warning you.....LOL

Of course some photos of Evelyn in the lead up to Christmas.

Evelyn's  first Santa photo

My fire place.... not needed now so Santa's taken over.

Of course at school secret santa is in full swing. At our school staff nominate to enter and then get a person to spoil  for the week.  Its fun...

My first Present favourite Pringles and a super cool pen

Then these cute rein deers and ear rings
Someone received this one Sh........

Oh a Christmas Bauble... wait til next year. 

I think Mummy has lots of Christmas clothes for me.

 I have been sewing today  ... Yeah...

Up to quilting this little snow man quilt


In the workshop we received some tutoring on using metallic threads. 


MY  SSCS has arrived in Michigan.  Merry Christmas Denice and thanks for the email.     


Sunday 1 December 2013

Family Gatherings and Mail

The Lewington side of my family ( my mum's) have always been very close. The cousins are close and over the years we have always got together often for weddings, 21st's, engagements etc. Last weekend Bonnie, (the second last cousin to be married) married  Bruce at Noosa North Shore.

We all got together had a big reunion and celebration. Bonnie was beautiful, it was a lovely wedding.

This also gave us a chance to see our beautiful kids.  Sorry guys this blog s a little bit family , a record for me.

Evelyn has grown so much. . 12 weeks now.... Sorry I am showing her off. I can't resist.

Melbourne Cup Day . 
.Josh, Emma and Evelyn last weekend.
Evelyn and Max  at the wedding ...first meeting of second and third cousins born 2 weeks apart.....  Nana Lew would be so proud.
Bonnie and Bruce 
Daddy and I love each other  so much............
Grandma Jen bought me these new clothes
Had to cuddle Evelyn until she went to sleep soothed my sore face.

There is a first time for everything in Life .... my first black eye ....just before the wedding last Saturday ... face planted the bitumen....OUCH..  got much blacker and is still black.
My Great Aunty Sue loves me too.......

Family photo

Josh, Emma and Evelyn 
Evelyn and Great Grandma and Grandpa.... 
It was totally exhausting.....

Now to the real business. The secret parcel was  posted last Monday....

I asked for some Aussie Stamps to send it on the sleigh.  Merry Christmas ....

Wrapped and ready