Sunday 17 May 2015

Finally Some sewing

Today I started a block for a charity quilt we are working on.  Have to finish it of course.

I have finished another Lucy Boston block.. they are very nice thanks to the talented Sandy at Shiralee Stitches

Wednesday 13 May 2015

A Most Wonderful Mothers Day

Our beautiful family arrived after a 6 and a half hour drive.

Of course I had to spoil my GD on mothers day so we could play remote control Mini Mouse.

We picked chrysanthemums  from my garden which were given to me on a previous mothers day.

The flowers lost their attraction when we found the hose to water what was left.

By then Poppy and Evelyn needed a rest and so did Grandma.

 Ready to go again.  We had the best weekend. Our  little darling had her first sleep over at our house .

Sunday 3 May 2015

Musical Mayhem and Lucy Boston

My own sewing has been on hold a lot over the last couple of months or so.  I have been in charge of costumes for the school musical. A big job for me with one helper. We have collected and I have sewed all the costumes for " Thoroughly Modern Millie " on this Thursday and Friday and then thank goodness the stress and worry of all that will be over.

I have spent this weekend on making drop waist dresses for the chorus.... done  ... there are 7 others at school   ......YEAH......

Also some chinese laundry costumes C 1920

After all that I found time to sit down and finish one more of my Lucy Boston blocks.  I am so behind with these.... Sandy  from Shiralee Stitches will be pleased.... I should not have taken this on , but I will get there because it will be a beautiful  and amazing quilt when I finish.

Sandy has done a great job with this design. See her web site..