Sunday 28 February 2016

Time With Our Family

We have just returned home from a few days with our kids. Thursday til Sunday.  We let Nanny and poppy from Bundaberg have a day off from their baby sitting duties and Boo Poppy and Bam ma ( Bernie and I ) did the job. 

 This was a rare treat for us as we live so far away, but this year I have reduced my workload from full time til 3 days a week and Bernie took a day from his annual leave so it gave us some family time.  Usually we drive 6 hours Friday night get there about 10 pm and then drive home again sunday afternoon so it was lovely not to do that. 

We started at a "chic" little cafe called "Oodies" with a big long breakfast. 

Then the Zoo and the park. Bundy has a small free public zoo so nice for kids. 

She has Boo-Poppy wrapped around her little finger.( why boo poppy-? because when we face time her he always play games with her  and he goes BOO  to her. Her other grandfather is Poppy also ,so she calls Bernie Boo Poppy)

Boo Poppy is ... She just wants him to be on the slide with her...LOL

Then we made biscuits

And pressed them

We had a ride  at "W"  (Big W) as she calls it.

Then relaxing with a movie and her new "listening ears". She is travelling on a plane soon and her mum and dad thought this might help because she hates loud noises and loves movies . I don't think it took her long to get used to them - no trial period required- like a duck to water. 

Our son is trying out his new birthday present from us. Lots of cleaning was done.
Our little family 

A busy and fun weekend.  Better get into the sewing now . My side bar just reminded me how close Girls Day in The Country is. 

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Turkey Tales

In my life as a home economics teacher I have taught a lot of people to cook but never have I tutored someone from thousands of miles away by blog and email. The rolled and stuffed turkey is a tradition in my family. Its not Christmas without it.

Denice from "Denice's Day" in the USA decided she wanted to make it after seeing my blog photos from Christmas time. So we emailed back and forth until she had completed turning the brontosaurus sized bird into a culinary delight.

This is Denice's beautiful bird.

I think I should give her an A- just so she tries again to get an A+.  Makes me hungry.

This is the one we did with our son at Christmas time teaching him how to carry on the tradition. This was made the day before and served cold.  Denice could have done a better job... It was a fun experience. Check out her blog to see how she went .  You will find her on my side bar.        

Weekend in the "chookshed"

I was lucky enough to spend a few days visiting Chookyblue. I had a great time. We sewed and chatted and sewed and chatted. " Well anyway .. I tried to make Chooky Sew ...LOL

We Shared coffee and bubbles and visited some of Chooky's friends. 

Wonder boy and Mr Chooky were home also. Nice to see everyone again.    

Thank You Chooky.. Who would know stitching and blogging  could create such beautiful and special friendships. 

Chooky made me a board to place my English paper piecing  on 

 and found me a beautiful Kookaburra Cup for my coffee. My first blog  ID photo was of Kookaburras.

All quilted just the binding to go. I love this its all flannel.

This is what Chooky was up to

Quilting in the garden - beautiful

I just love this quilt basting spray..... no more pins

So now just lots of binding to do......

Take care my friends and spend some time with those you love.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Problem Solved and SSCS 2016

I have not been able to post for a while but I have finally solved the problem...I think.
I now have to use google Chrome not google.  I must just be old fashioned.

Finally I can post what I sent to my Secret Santa. Poor Noemia did not receive her present until January 7th.  SNAIL MAIL PLUS.

I hope she enjoyed it.

table runner

the decorations 

pot mit or rug mat